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CDPWU holds gathering of“Chinese troop must be nat
Date: 8/2/2006 1:31:21 PM Sender: CDP

                 Partial members from CDPWU in protestation activity
                                   CDPWU holds gathering of

                     “Chinese troop must be nationalized”

       2006. 08.01 11AM, 60 members from CDPWU come to Chinese consulate general in N.Y for demonstrative activity, scheme for today’s demonstrative activity is “Chinese troop must be nationalized”. Wang Jun  Chairman of CDPWU , former navy captain , made speech in gathering.Some members made speech on gathering.
       China is a nation with “one party system”, CCP monopolizes any right, especially military power, we can say that military power is lifeline and final protection for CCP, co-operation for troop nationalization , China democratization and legalization, final target is to set up political system with Chinese constitutionalism.
       Chinese troop is reared by taxpayer-Chinese people, rather than CCP,CCP can’t create treasure, can’t provide troop with materials recourses that is necessary to troop, there is no reason for troop to be tool for CCP to grab political power, in charge of people, obey nation body that elected by democracy, so, nationalization for Chinese troop is necessary request for people to exert right that manages nation. Necessary condition for democratization , legalization. Policy for keeping China safe.
        CDPWU strongly asks CCP to make sensible choice, surrender troop, return troop to nation and people.

          Picture: Wang Jun, (CDPWU chairman) made speech on gathering of “Chinese troop must be nationalized”.

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