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The CDPWU holds a protesting rally《claiming the CC
Date: 8/22/2006 1:46:12 PM Sender: CDP

        PICTURE: The members of CDPWU are protesting in front of the gate of the china embassy to ask the CCP to release the lawyer ZHISHENG GAO.

                               The CDPWU holds a protesting rally

      《claiming the CCP to release the lawyer ZHISHENG GAO immediately》

      Over 70 members of The CDPWU take part in the rally with the lead of president JUN WANG in front of the gate of china embassy in New York to protest the CCP to arrest the lawyer ZHISHENG GAO. President of JUN WANG has a speech in the rally as a representative of CDPWU. “we strongly condemn the CCP for the brutal behavior and strongly claim the CCP to release the lawyer ZHISHENG GAO.
      The human right lawyer ZHISHENG GAO was hit by the policeman of CCP on JULY 30,He went to Shandong province to visit his sister and her husband at the beginning of AUG. on 12:00 pm AUG 15, MR. GAO was taken away by some unknown people. This arrest is another action to MR GAO after several unsuccessful murders. The purpose is clear and they arranged carefully. The CCP had cut off the signal of their cell phone so that nobody know what happen to MR GAO.
      MR GAO defends for the poor and the member of FALUNGONG for their human right all over the china. For a long term, MR GAO continue to fight with the CCP even he has to face up to the threaten and intimidate from CCP.  His hero-spirit scare the CCP very much so that the CCP annoy and persecute him for a long term with the brutal way, at last, the CCP arrest him. That means CCP doom  to be extinct. MR GAO has said that we are dealing with the most evil party in the history and we are sure that this evil party will use the hopeless way to do anything. We should prepare for losing our life on the way.
      President WANG said that we admire MR GAO so much and he is a great hero, his gracious personality will encourage more Chinese to devote themselves to the fighting with evil CCP. We hope all the member of the CDPWU can learn from MR GAO.

Aug 22, 2006

        PICTURE: The president of CDPWU JUN WANG condemns strongly the outrageous behavior of CCP in the rally.

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