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Picture Shows: 《Sound of the Hope》sponsors “the ma
Date: 9/2/2006 12:10:29 PM Sender: CDP

           Picture Shows: 《Sound of the Hope》sponsors “the mainland people protect human rights seminar” a part of conference

                   The CDPWU Participated “the mainland

                   people protect human rights seminar”

      2:00 P.M On August 26, 2006, Over 30 CDPWU members and the member leader were led by Chairman Wang, Jun participated the gathering of <Sound of the hope> sponsors “the mainland people protect human rights discussion” and “Donate and rescure human rights lawyer Gao, ZhiSheng” in the conference room at the 1st Floor KongZi Plaza China Town NY .The famous commentator Chen, PoKong, the student leader of 89’ such as Feng, CongDe, Xiong, Yan, Columbia University Professor Li Tianxiao, and Li DaYong who in charge at the  whole world resigned from a political party service center, they made splendid lecture at the seminar.

     The Chinese famous human rights lawyer Gao,ZhiSheng was put in prison for more than 10 days by the CCP, a lot of Chinese people cared about this event and really condemned CCP”s illegal conduct in everywhere. Lawyer Gao,ZhiSheng always stand in the first line of China protection of human rights, He in order to fulfill peace, the rationality, the nonviolent resistance principle, persisted the freedom, the human rights, the dignity cannot deprive with the agent which transfers, he did not fear might, unyielding despotic power, and strongly struggled with the black evil force . The general Chinese populaces are regarding lawyer Gao ZhiSheng's safety as the human rights agent. Now, the evil black influence finally extended evil hand to lawyer Gao ZhiSheng, this agent is broken through. This agent is broken through, Without doubt was to the general Chinese populace under the letter of challenge, we appealed all Chinese populace who have the conscience supposed have to stand, firmly struggle with the CCP’s black evil force. The Chinese populace will certainly to gather together in front of this agent form a common hatred the potential, initiate the general attack to the CCP black evil force in China.

     Friends who participated seminar today, gives money generously in abundance, the donation rescues lawyer Gao ZhiSheng


  Picture shows: The CDPWU Chairman Wang, Jun asked the question to the host at the seminar.

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