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The CDPWU celebrated full month cocktail party for
Date: 9/2/2006 12:22:54 PM Sender: CDP

           Picture Shows “China Peaceful Chairmantang Baiqiao Bestows
                The Present For The Democratic Party Member's Child”

           The CDPWU celebrated full month cocktail party

                             for party member's child

          August 29, 2006. The CDPWU member Mr. Han and Mrs. Han‘s daughter full month, According to China's traditional custom, CDPWU Chairman Wang Jun, China peaceful ChairmanTang Baiqiao, and the The CDPWU organization department minister Wang Zhiqiang, Chen KeNong committee Director CDPWU southeast with friends together, they had held the full month cocktail party abundantly for Mr. Han couple in Flushing New York, also, congratulated for Mr. Han, Mr. Tang Baiqiao has prepared the present for the child. Mr. Han and his wife are moved extremely, they said “we are alone and friendless in USA, the CDPWU is my home, the CDPWU members and friends are my relatives.


  Picture shows: CDPWU member Mr. Han couple and their daughter took a photo at the cocktail party.

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