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CDPWU Attending Seminar “Mao, Zedong and Contempor
Date: 9/21/2006 4:56:49 PM Sender: CDP

           Picture shows: hall of seminar “Mao, Zedong and Contemporary China”

                                  CDPWU Attending Seminar

                     “Mao, Zedong and Contemporary China”

     At 2 pm on Sept. 17, 2006, CDPWU attended seminar “Mao, Zedong and Contemporary China” at Chinatown Zhonghua Public House in Manhattan, New York. The seminar was hosted by Tang, Yuanjun, director of China Democracy Front, and four speakers were Fei, Liangyong, chairman of China Democracy Front, Hu, Ping, chief editor of Beijing Spring Magazine, Peng, Xiaoming, chairman of Germany Student Self-rule Union and famous politics and economy commentator Chen, Pokong. Some experts of China politics and economy issues and democratic movement personages made brilliant reviews at the meeting. The seminar attracted a lot of various audiences, the auditorium of Zhonghua Public House was once full, and audiences fervently responsed experts’ comments.

        Picture shows: Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU asked experts questions in the seminar

     Many people recall Mao Era with nostalgia in today’s mainland China, and there is phenomenon everywhere that drivers use Mao’s picture to shun evil. The reason is law and order in mainland society rapidly deteriorating, and people’s sense of crises and ignorance of Mao adds fuel to the fire. Therefore, it has great realistic meaning to repudiate Mao, Zedong today. Fei, Liangyong, chairman of China Democracy Front indicated: Mao’s in power and in high esteem complements each other with Chinese historic draffy gangster culture and flunky culture, so that present democratic movement is not only political movement but also cultural movement. The compatriots in USA and western democratic countries should earnestly learn and practise democracy, and truly inwardly get rid of CCP’s slavery in order to clear up autocratic soil for future China.

     Hu, Ping, chief editor of Beijing Spring Magazine talked about the issue of Mao’s evaluation standard. Only that the famine caused by Mao’s Big Leap made more than 50 millions populace die could add the title of Tyrant to him before his death. Mao’s various conduct violated the bottom line of human morality, such person could but be evil man, and there was no proportion issue in evaluation. As long as Mao’s criminal facts were admitted, Mao could be evaluated accurately, and this was the judgment based not on victim’s position but on human morality and conscience.

     At the period of issue discussion, Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU indicated: How did democratic movement organizations join up together with Falun Gong organization to overthrow the autarchy of CCP founded by Mao, Zedong and establish democratic China. The experts attending the meeting considered it an important issue worthy of pondering seriously.

China Democracy Party World Union
     Sept. 17, 2006

        Picture shows: experts attending the seminar had a group photo taken with some democratic movement personages

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