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CDPWU Holding a Grand Rally“Study Gao, Zhisheng, T
Date: 10/6/2006 10:22:42 AM Sender: CDP

        Picture shows: members of CDPWU at the rally in front of Chinese General Consulate in New York

                                 CDPWU Holding a Grand Rally

   “Study Zhisheng Gao Try to be human right defender!”

    At 11 am on Oct. 3, 2006, more than 90 members of CDPWU from all over US gathered in front of Chinese General Consulate in New York and held a grand rally “Study Gao, Zhisheng, Try to be human right defender!”

    Since CCP arrested attorney Gao, Zhisheng on Aug. 15, 2006, it has been 49 days to today Oct. 3, 2006. After attorney Gao, Zhisheng known as “Chinese Conscience” had been arrested illegally by CCP, it caused all circles personages in mainland China and overseas shocked and deeply concerned.

     After attorney Gao, Zhisheng’s long period opposing the authorities, he was imprisoned finally. Fearless Gao, Zhisheng represented courage of Chinese society and became a human right defender of Chinese society. Attorney Gao in accordance with the dictates of his conscience helped those weak influence people go to court: populace whose properties, houses or lands were plundered illegally by CCP corrupt officials, people who appealed to the higher authorities for help unsuccessfully, Christians from underground family church and Falun Gong learners who were persecuted etc.. He declared quitting CCP publicly and supported “Nine Comments” propagation touching the most sensitive nerve of CCP. The action of CCP’s arrest Gao, Zhisheng only played a role which intensified Gao, Zhisheng as an embodiment of justice and courage, impelled Chinese populace to resist power with more tenacious and brave attitude and drew attention of international world to bad status of Chinese human right.

      After Gao, Zhisheng had been arrested by means of terror, courageous personages in Chinese society were not intimidated, and vast Chinese populace did not shrink back furthermore put down weapons of human right protest. Attorney Gao carried out his idea by his own assumption, and he already became the banner of human right defending in Chinese society. Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU demanded all members of CDP to study Gao, Zhisheng and try to be human right defender!

China Democracy Party World Union
            Oct. 3, 2006

        Picture shows: some members of CDPWU at the rally “Study Gao, Zhisheng, Try to be human right defender!”

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