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CDPWU Attending “Future China Democracy Transforma
Date: 10/11/2006 2:47:04 PM Sender: CDP

            Picture shows: “Future China Democracy Transformation” seminar locale

         CDPWU Attending“Future China Democracy Transformation” Seminar

    “Future China Democracy Transformation” seminar sponsored by China Peace & Democracy Federation was held in Overseas Chinese Culture and Education Center in Flushing, Queen on 8th afternoon and made criticism aimed at nowadays mainland China and China communist authority’s slow steps in opening freedom of democracy. People attending the conference thought that China communist should accelerate democratic reformation and freedom of democracy was the guarantee of rule by law in society and economical development.

     Mr. Tang, Baiqiao, chairman of China Peace & Democracy Federation made a main speech, the democracy movement personages and politicians invited to attend the seminar included Yan, Jiaqi, Wu, Fan, Li, Tianxiao, Wang, Jun, Xu, Shuiliang and Wang, Sihan etc.. Guo, Jingzi, president of Great New York Branch of Overseas Chinese Democracy & Peace Union was also on invitation. Yan, Jiaqi indicated when delivering a speech that the way of management state affairs in China was “Family state power” and “Party state power” for a good while, if democratic reformation was made in mainland China, there should be third force, i.e. ordinary people rule to make it successfully.

        Picture shows: Wang, Jun, chairman of China Democracy Party World Union making a speech at “Future China Democracy Transformation” seminar

     Wang, Jun, chairman of China Democracy Party World Union at the seminar indicated that issues of how to pay attention to human right defender in China and how to be concerned about weak influence populace in China were worthy of study and discussion with experts. Wang, Jun in the conference especially emphasized that carrying on democracy movement was not an affair of one “celebrity” or one organization but an affair of whole Chinese people.

  China Democracy Party World Union
           Oct. 9, 2006

        Picture shows: some personages attending “Future China Democracy Transformation” seminar taking a group photo

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