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CDPWU Participating in Sponsoring Review The Year
Date: 10/13/2006 1:44:10 PM Sender: CDP

           Picture shows: overseas Chinese in New York review the year Hongkong “Yellowbird” action dinner locale

                           CDPWU Participating in Sponsoring Review

                      The Year Hongkong “Yellowbird” Action Dinner

      Overseas Chinese in New York fixed on 8th in Flushing to welcome Mr. Chen, Dazheng, chief commander of Hongkong “Yellowbird” Action who participated in rescuing Jun.4th democratic movement personages in the year. Due to visa issue Mr. Chen who was in Canada couldn’t enter U.S., but the activity was held as scheduled. This activity was sponsored by Commemoration Hu, Yaobang and Zhao, Ziyang foundation, Contemporary China Study Center, China development Fund, Beijing Spring and China Democracy Party World Union.

      Chen, Yizi, former brainpower of Zhao, Ziyang and former superintendent of China Department of State economic system reformation institute who was rescued by Chen, Dazheng spoke during the welcome activity: after Tiananmen affair many people with lofty ideals in Hongkong who love the country and the people were detested and enraged by young students and citizens killed, some of them disregarded their lives to rescue young people in face of life dangerous. Chen, Dazheng helped a lot of people in frontline, it was first called “Yellowbird” action by BBC. Among over 200 persons rescued early or late, Chen himself participated in rescuing 130 persons, including Yan, Jiaqi, Li, Lu, Wuerkaixi, Su, Xiaokang etc..

      Hu, Ping, chief editor of Beijing Spring said: Chen, Dazheng’s behavior came from a simply noble righteous impulse, just as someone dropped in a well, the person who saw it would draw him out without thinking and not considering individual advantage.

        Picture shows: Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU making a speech at overseas Chinese in New York review the year Hongkong “Yellowbird” action dinner

     Wang, Jun, chairman of China Democracy Party World Union spoke at the meeting: he knew “Yellowbird” action by media, also knew Chen, Dazheng by media. In those days, Mr. Chen, Dazheng for the sake of righteousness and social conscience helped many democratic movement personages disengage evil hands of China communist and bring them to Hongkong. Mr. Chen, Dazheng was a hero, all members of China Democracy Party World Union should study Mr. Chen and by practical action to rescue domestic human right defenders Gao, Zhisheng, Chen, Guangcheng, Guo, Feixiong, and China Democracy Party activists and dissidents Zhang, Lin, Xu, Wanping, Yang, Zili who were imprisoned by China communist.

     Mr. Chen, Zhixiong, friend of Chen, Dazheng, and chairman of Vancouver Support Democracy Movement League after 1989, flew specially from South America to New York to meet him.

     Liu, Qing, former chairman of Human Right in China, Lan, Zheng, Diaoyutai defender, Li, Jinjin, director of China Justice Observation and Xia, Ming, politics professor of New York City University attended the “review the year ‘Yellowbird’ action organized by Mr. Chen, Dazheng” activity.

China Democracy Party World Union
          Oct. 8, 2006

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