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CDPWU Holding a Rally “Strongly Appeal CCP to Imme
Date: 10/27/2006 11:36:34 AM Sender: CDP

Picture shows: some members of CDPWU holding a protest activity in front of Chinese General Consulate in New York

       CDPWU Holding a Rally “Strongly Appeal CCP to Immediately Release CDP Member Chen, Shuqing”

      On Oct. 24, 2006, 11am, more than 90 members of CDPWU led by chairman Wang, Jun came to the outside of Chinese General Consulate in New York and held a protest activity, strongly denounced China communist’s official arrest Chen, Shuqing accused with so-called “Incite to overthrow state power” and firmly appeal China communist to immediately release CDP member Chen, Shuqing.

      On Oct. 17, 2006, 4:30 pm, Zhang, Donghong, wife of CDP member Chen, Shuqing received notice by policemen that Chen, Shuqing had been officially arrested in the crime of “incite overthrow state power”.

      China Democracy Party member Chen, Shuqing graduated from Biology Department of Hangzhou University, had taken part in 1989 student democracy movement, now is member of Standing Workgroup of CDP’s Zhejiang Preparation Committee. Chen, Shuqing pursues democracy, defends human rights, dedicates to construction of Chinese democracy, freedom, human rights and law, dares to supervise government and the ruling China communist, dares to speak truth, and makes a great contribution to advancement of nation China. Mr. Chen, Shuqing is a staunch member of CDP, is a backbone of nation China, and is a loyal son of Chinese people. All Mr. Chen, Shuqing’ life is open, aboveboard and upright. All the words and deeds of Mr. Chen, Shuqing are in the range of civil rights stipulated by current laws and he is innocent. China communist authorities’ keep on imprisoning Chen, Shuqing is out of timidity. This kind of conduct is an overthrow to social righteousness and a blasphemy to human conscience. China communist authorities dare to risk everyone’s condemnation and take Mr. Chen, Shuqing into long-term custody even sentence to imprisonment in the fabricated crime of “Incite to overthrow state power”.

         Picture shows: Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU making a speech in today’s rally

      Wang, Jun, chairman of CDPWU indicated in today’s rally: CDP member Chen, Shuqing was open and aboveboard, pursued democracy and freedom, defended human rights, and engaged in public activities by peaceful, rational, open and legal action rule to promote society advancement and oppose violence and terrorism. Therefor CDPWU strongly appeal CCP to immediately release Chen, Shuqing, Gao, Zhisheng, Guo, Feixiong and Lihong, terminate one party dictatorship as early as possible and establish democratic China.

China Democracy Party World Union
       Oct. 24, 2006

        Picture shows: members of CDPWU making a speech in the protest activity

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