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Dissolve China Communist ‘Party Culture’ and Creat
Date: 11/1/2006 5:25:00 PM Sender: CDP

    Dissolve China Communist ‘Party Culture’ and Create New Democratic Culture

                         Remember: Everyone of Us is the Resource of Truth

                        By Wang Jun, Chairman of China Democracy Party World Union

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Today in New York, the center of the most strong economy, culture and politics area in the US, we held the seminar of “Dissolve China Communist ‘Party Culture’”, an event itself contains of great historic and realistic significance on “creating a new democracy culture”.
First of all, only 2 days ago, on Oct. 22, 2006, in the Great Hall of the People, Hu, Jintao held a conference on “Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of China Laboring People’s Red Army Successful Long March”, and he delivered a speech at the meeting. However, very few international guests came to congratulate on the occasion. Why?
Secondly, also 2 days ago, on Oct. 22, 2006, in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, people of all lines held a conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the people’s uprise against Soviet communist party and its colonial rule in 1956. On invitation more than 10 foreign countries’ head of state or government leaders attended the event. Why?
Ladies and Gentlemen: this sharp contrast not only depicts the real isolation of China communist party in the world today, but shows the miserable condition that China society faces under communist autocratic rule, in the worldwide democracy tide. Just like the former US president Bill Clinton said to the former China Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin: “China communist party is on the wrong side of the history, while the US, representing the power of freedom and democracy, is on the right side of the history!”  Only to dissolve China communist ‘party culture’ and create a new democracy culture, can China have its hope for future!
In my opinion, the so-called Long March taken place in 1935 to 1936 was merely a defeated retreat of the China Laboring People’s Red Army and a misfortune in China caused by some foreign ‘party culture’; while the uprise in Hungary in 1956 and the democracy movement in China in 1989 were the conscious movement of the people who want to dissolve the ‘party culture’. Today we gathered here to commemorate, carry out and promote the people’s conscious movement, so as to dissolve China communist ‘party culture’, and this event expressed its significance specifically.
The so-called ‘party culture’, is a ‘one party factor culture’, a dictatorship culture, an autocratic culture. We all see that under the communist ‘party culture’ poisoning, people from China are more likely to get along with people from Vietnam, North Korea, East Europe and former Soviet Union countries, where people tend to be slaves of their ‘party culture’, but more likely to alienate themselves with our countrymen from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or overseas Chinese community. The ‘party culture’ gives a false account of the true fact, and calls a white black and a black white, thus it pains our friends and pleases our enemies, and we all have seen or have experienced this kind of things. We believe that only after we dissolve China communist ‘party culture’, can we commence a new direction for our Chinese nation, and based on democracy we will create a new culture for China society.
An old saying goes in China: “it is rare for people to live 70 years old”, and now the Long March passed its 70th years anniversary, and China communist party has come into being for 85 years since 1921. The Soviet Union walked into history museum at its 70 years length, so now it is the season to facilitate the dissolution of China communist ‘party culture’. At this important historic period, I’d like to thank those with lofty ideals who are taking an active part today in the course of dissolving China communist ‘party culture’ and creating a new democracy culture.
In reviewing our recent history we can see that since May.4th Movement Chinese people began examine its culture, and the movement took place as people complained too much about the social system at the time, and to criticize Chinese culture was actually people criticizing the dictatorship reality. On the other side, the practice proves that those pro-westernization movement officials who wanted to save China through the introduction of western economy and technology, and later communist party who tried to initiate revolution in China society with Soviet politics, all their effort of achieving China modernization through seeking truth abroad failed halfway. I should predict: if we divide China modernization course into 2 major periods since May.4th Movement, and the first period was mainly ‘absorbing foreign culture’, then the second period should be ‘creating a new culture’! A new culture for China society should be tolerant and liberal or even uphold a culture of multi-elements, and be desirable for freedom and embrace a world of democracy and freedom!
Chinese culture has endured strong foreign impact and infiltration, but the Chinese nation is still following its own track, as no revolution or social reform can cut off a nation’s history or tradition, and a nation’s culture evolutes on its history and tradition. In contrast to the ‘party culture’ come from a foreign land, democracy and freedom does not come from a foreign land but from the heart of all human beings’! To dissolve China communist ‘party culture’ and to create a new culture of democracy is based on the following 2 points of view:
First, since May.4th Movement till now, the Chinese nation has been ‘looking for truth from the west, and this is a wrong way, because truth exists not only in the west but in the east as well, and truth is in our own heart, is with ourselves, everyone of us is the resource of truth!
Secondly, the coming of the new culture period has the feature of ‘returning to our own conscience. Based on our own conscience, we can balance tradition and modern through the strategy of culture revival, and based on accepting and promoting our traditional culture we will dissolve China communist dictatorship autocratic ‘party culture’, and form a democracy culture of multi-elements, and finally we will develop a new culture of democracy for China society. This is very important.
Since any revolution or reform cannot cut off the history or tradition of a nation and culture can only based on the history and tradition to evolve, we can’t digest new things learnt from the west without the combination of our tradition. This explains why China suffered culture indigestion in the 20th century. Communist party refused to absorb the nutrition of new things through the placenta of our history tradition, so it could not establish a defense system needed for the new society, so China society could only be mired in personal worship and court politics.
We understand: the modernization in China can not be basically anti-tradition, but it should follow forward the road that Chinese culture has paved in the past 5000years; it will not last for long that China communist autocracy suppressed the nation’s conscience and restricted the freedom of speech, as no regime, no matter how cruel or savage it is, can stop the waking up and revival of a nation’s conscience.
China’s modernization, in a word, is to continue the revival trend of the nation’s conscience with modern science and technology as a powerful tool, so as to better promote different nations’ multi-elements tradition on a highly compromised global harmony.
In the past, the Chinese lingered bitterly among different isms for long, because they never heard an attracting voice: “the man who will realize the revival of the China’s great tradition must be one who will bravely get rid of the fetter by isms.” In order to realize the democracy and freedom in China, we must abandon China communist ‘party culture’! In the scheme of realizing China’s revival, we must also unite with all healthy forces internationally, so that we can fight for it together.
Some scholars, according to the revelation from the Bible or the biological law, pointed out that the regime lives under communist parties control are generally around 70 years, the former Soviet Union, for example, collapsed suddenly after its 70 years existence. China communist has abandoned its communist system but holds its autocratic system; since the Long March in 1935, till now in 2006 China communist party has completely decayed into a corruptive party that full of corruptive officials; China communist came into power in 1949, and we can predict that China communist government will soon collapse, like former Soviet Union, completely!
Finally, let us shout loudly: Dissolve China communist ‘party culture’! Create a democracy new culture! Please remember that everyone of us is a resource of truth! Let us fight for our truth together!
Thank you,

2006-10-24  New York
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