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China Democracy Party World Union Members Attend T
Date: 1/2/2007 12:18:07 PM Sender: CDP

            Pic-1. Prominent democratic movement figure Wei, Jingsheng took a picture with some of the China Democracy Party World Union members

                 China Democracy Party World Union Members Attend Tibet

        “1st International Conference of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk, Inc”  

      On Dec. 23, 2006 about 10:00am, China Democracy Party World Union Chairman Wang, Jun led 60 more members attended the Tibet “1st Int’l Conference of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk, Inc” on invitation at Woodside, New York. Nearly 500 Tibetans and representatives from several democratic movement organizations attended this international conference on Tibetan issue. Prominent democratic movement figure Wei, Jingsheng, as a special guest of the conference, came from Washington DC to attend this conference and he made a speech. Several Tibetan exile government representatives and (unreadable) from India on behalf of Tibetan exile government….

           Pic-2. Prominent democratic movement figure Wei, Jingsheng made a speech on Tibet “1st International Conference of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk, Inc”

       Tibetan exile government representative pointed out that after they seized power in 1949, China communist authority began to invade Tibet with troops, and Tibetan government was forced to sign «The Agreement on 17 Issues». After that, as China communist authority sabotaged and tramped the agreement step by step, Tibetans could not bear it any more and in 1959 they initiated the great national uprising. China communist authority bloodily cracked down Tibetans uprising and occupied the whole Tibet, classified Tibetans as suzerain, suzerain representative, rich farmer, poor and lower middle class, and they arrested and killed many Tibetans after classified them. In later performed political movements including so-called democracy reform, 3-educations and Cultural Revolution, Tibetans experienced cruelty and tyranny that they had never heard of in history. Even so Tibetans still lay their good feelings and hope on Dalai Lama, the Tibetan political and religious leader and his exile government. However, the relentless and foolish China communist authority took the phenomenon of Tibetan buried their bitterness and miserable feelings under high pressure as Tibetans accepted their fate of being conquered.  

              Pic-3. Scene of “1st International Conference of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk, Inc”

       Where there is oppression there is opposition. Since China communist invasion in Tibet, the struggle of invasion and anti-invasion, oppression and anti-oppression, conquer and anti-conquer never ceased, especially in later part of 1980s, insurgence occurred time and again. China state leader Den Xiaoping and Li Xiannian all declared that they could discuss any issue except Tibet independence or split. So Dalai Lama sent 3-men delegation in 1982 and 1984 to discuss with China communist authority, based on middle road, on issues of the equal right of Tibetan people, the autonomy and allowing the Tibetans not be divided. But China government countered back their 5-issue policy on Dalai Lama personally, in an attempt to change the basic nature of political issues between China and Tibet, and they preconditioned that Tibet is part of China territory, and it can not be separated from China. They alleged our proposal aimed at mutual benefit was to claim independence or semi-independence or in disguised independence, etc. trying to avoid, instead of actively facing those issues, and they migrated large number of Han ethnic people to Tibet in the name construction in Tibet and strengthened their suppression on Tibetans, so as to end the contact with no result between China and Tibet. Even so Tibetan exile government obtained active response and support internationally, which led to the continued growing force supporting Tibetan issue. In 1989 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan exile government for his consistent effort to solve his national freedom through non-violence means.

             Pic-4. Prominent democratic movement figure Wei Jingsheng (right) with CDPWU chairman Wang Jun

       Prominent democratic movement figure Mr. Wei, Jingsheng made a speech on today’s conference, and he pointed out that Tibetans made an arduous effort in their long term struggle with China communist in pursue of Tibet independence and people’s freedom, and they sacrifices greatly in the course. China communist authority fears that Tibetan exile government and Tibetans make trouble internationally, so they deceivingly wanted to talk with Dalai Lama and his exile Tibetan government. Tibetan exile government under its leader Dalai Lama, in order to acquire Tibet independence, have held several talks with China communist authority, but not even one agreement reached so far, and all the sincere effort of the Tibetan exile government went in vain. Why? Tibetan exile government, before they held talks with China communist, took a way of no-protest, no-oppose and no-international-trouble-making for China communist, and they dropped the chips for talks themselves, and this means what in talks with a political rascality like China communist government will achieve. Like two men doing business negotiation, if I put my money into your pocket before I get the commodity, then how many you will give will depend on you. The unfair talks will not be successful.
      Wei, Jingsheng continued: there is still hope for the talks between Tibet exile and China communist, and the condition is that Tibet exile government and Tibetans continue their protest and continue to make trouble internationally for China communist. Today there are many Han ethnic people came to attend this international conference, which shows that Han ethnic people, like Tibetan people, want to have democracy, freedom and independence and want to fight against China communist dictatorial regime. So Han ethnic and Tibetan people must united together to fight for a better future.

             Pic-5. CDPWU members took pictures with Tibetan exile government officials

             Pic-6. Scene of Tibet “1st Int’l Conference of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk, Inc”

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