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CDP Members Held A Rally in Flushing, NY “Strongly
Date: 3/9/2007 10:26:50 AM Sender: CDP

       Photo::More than 30 CDPWU members strongly protest CCP authority persecuting Zhu,Yufu in Flushing, NY

           CDP Members Held A Rally in Flushing, NY “Strongly Protest CCP’s Persecution of Zhu, Yufu

At 12:00 March 6, 2007,more than 30 CDPWU members held a rally in Flushing,NY, to strongly protest CCP’s persecution of an ordinary Chinese citizen and a democratic activist, Mr.Zhu, Yufu.
Boxun News Net March 3, 2007 report: According to China Skynet Human Right Affairs Center news, Hangzhou, yesterday (March 2,2007), June 4 Skynet reported continuously for 24 hours on “Zhu, Yufu taken away by police”. At 18:50 this afternoon, Mr. Lu Gengsong called June 4 Skynet to advise that Jiang Hangli, Mr. Zhu’s wife, had just received Notification of Detention by Uptown Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. After putting her signature on the Notification, Jiang, Hangli asked the messenger if she could go to see Mr. Zhu, Yufu and if she could send him some clothes or other necessities. The guy replied: No need.
At 19:00 yesterday evening, Mr. Zhu, Yufu sent a message to June 4 Skynet “Policemen are knocking the door outside heavily, and I am not going out” June 4 Skynet immediately phone interviewed Mr. Zhu, Yufu and began a 24-hour continuous report, including more than10 minutes’interview ater Mr. Zhu was taken onto a police car. After interviewing Mr. Zhu, Sound of Hope International Broadcasting reporters, Qian Wen and Yu Yi, and Free Asia Broadcasting reporter Mr. Gao Shan, made detailed reports respectively in “Zhu, Yufu was taken away by the authority” and “China Democracy Party creator Zhu, Yufu was taken away by the public security.”

           Photo: CDPWU member held a rally in Flushing, NY “Strongly protest CCP persecuting Zhu, Yufu”

Zhu, Yufu was a democratic movement soldier at the Democracy Wall Era, upholding democracy, freedom, peace, reason, legal administration, and non-violence, and promoting China’s process in legal administration and democracy.  Mr. Zhu was sentenced 7 years imprisonment with overturn national political power crime. He never admitted guilty in the prison. Mr. Zhu suffered torture by jailers and lived like a dog. He stayed in jail for 7 years and three months and walked out of the prison on September 14, 2006. After release, Zhu, Yufu said, if I had not chosen the road filled with blood and fire, and devoted my energy to my family, my wisdom can create fortunes. However, it is now difficult for me to make a living for my family. Now I have chosen the road of democracy and freedom, I have no complain and no regrets at all.

China Democracy Party World Union
         March 6, 2007

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