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CDPWU Co-Organize the Conference of “2007 to 2008
Date: 3/22/2007 9:57:24 AM Sender: CDP

          Picture: The site of <<2007 to 2008 The situations of Across the straits >> Conference

        CDPWU Co-Organize the Conference of “2007 to 2008 The situations of Across the straits”

The conference of “2007 to 2008 The situations of Across the straits” was held at Flushing Overseas Chinese Cultural Center on Mar. 13, 2007 from 2 pm to 6 pm. The conference was held by China Democracy Strategy & Improvement Society (CDSIS) with co-organizer, CDPWU, & Mainland Democratic Movement Overseas Support Association. Chief Editor Hu, Ping from “BeiJing Spring”, TaiWan Writer & Historian Chen, ZhengSan, Chairman of North America CDSIS Wang, Hanwan were invited to the conference. Chairman of CDPWU, Mr. Wang, Jun gave speech at the conference.

Hu, Ping analyzed China’s economical situation, and made the comment that democratic situation in China will not be improved just because China’s has developed their economy. What is the real truth of China’s economical miracle? CCP develop their economy with the support of capitalism, CCP changed from public owned social system to privately owned system. CCP is more successful than Western Germany & other east European Countries due to their operation behind the scene. A small group of people steal wealth owned by the public, trade power for money. Their operation is like robbing people with a gun. It is not legal at all.

             Picture: Important Guest Mr. Chen, ZhengSan(3rd right) give great speech at the conference

TaiWan Writer & Historian Chen, ZhengSan talked about the pre-election campaign in TaiWan. Mr. Chen explained in details on the economy, social culture,& election system of TaiWan. He think TaiWan’s Democracy is very distinctive, so is her economy and geography. Mr. Chen also predicted the future candidate of both parties MinJinDang, & KuoMinDang in TaiWan: Ma, YingJiu with Xie, ChangTing & You, XiKun & Wang,JinPing as vice president candidates.

CDPWU Chairman Wang, Jun described the social problems of people in China, democracy request & human rights protection has become the main path of Chinese people in the pursue of democracy. Chinese people must push China forward to the

path of Democracy through fighting CCP autocracy, active involvement in democratic movement. Only through this means, there could be hope for China, as well as the Chinese people.

             Picture: Some of the participants at the conference

          Picture: Guest of <<2007 to 2008 The situations of Across the straits >> conference with some of the participants

Chinese Democracy Party World Union
          Mar. 14, 2007

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