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Wang Jun Wishes China CDP Members & Human Rights A
Date: 3/27/2007 2:59:20 PM Sender: CDP

               Anti-CCP Newspaper: “Epoch Times” Feb.16, 2007 No 600 edition Reports:

     Wang Jun Wishes China CDP Members & Human Rights Activists A Happy New Year

Dear CDP members & human rights activists in China,

Hello! The spring festival of 2007 is coming close. At this coldest season of the year, on behalf of CDPWU, I would like to express my sincere greetings & best wishes to you all, our sisters & brothers. We wish you hold your faith, protect your own interests, and promote China’s democracy through peaceful & legal manner.

On the New Year’s Eve, every one wants to sit together with their family members and celebrate. However, many of our fellow countrymen have no food to eat and no clothes to wear. For an example, when people enjoy the happiness of family reunion on the warm dinner table, many laborers & people who has been forcefully evacuated from their homes are suffering the chilly weather under the bridge in some cities. They have no homes, no warm clothes, & no food to eat.

Not only the laborers are suffering, even the children of the laborers are suffering the persecution by CCP dictatorship. Recently JianYing School of Hope at PuTuo District ShangHai was ordered to close. Police came without notice, and surprised all students & teachers of the school. JianYing School of Hope was established in 1996, and leases the rooms of HengHua factory as its campus. The School enlists almost 2,000 children of the laborers, among them 80 percent are from AnHui province. On Jan. 5th, the police department & education department of PuTuo District, Shanghai announces that the school is closed since it did not pass the health inspection. At the afternoon time, more than a hundred of polices and investigators rush to the school and order teachers to stop teaching immediately. They close the school with no prior notice, many children and teachers are crying in fear. In China, everybody knows polices are like the devil of the hell. On the same night, excavators & bulldozers were waiting at the school. All of the school teachers & students will not be able to eat dinner without the reasonable but persistent protest from some teachers. All these children are the future of our nation.

The laborer community has grown into the most populated group, but they are suffering the worst working condition, being paid the minimum wages or even without pay. The CCP government is treating them with great discrimination, and considers them the lower working class.

As the old saying goes: “One can not get paid unless he finds his boss”. Many of our friends lost their basic human rights, and have no way but to risk their life and sacrifice their dignity in order to get paid. They did not ask for more than they deserved, they only ask for what belongs to them. Even that is hard to accomplish in autocratic China. CCP promotes policy that favors the government officials & business owners, they kill innocent people and treat people like animals. People did not even get the same treatment as their pet at home. What should we do facing such a crisis?

We need to unite every one under this severe condition, support each other, stand together. If we can unite all members in China, then we can unite international communities. We can fight together through the crisis and welcome the spring of democracy.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are abroad, but our life for freedom depends on each other, like mouth & teeth. We will do our best to help you, the same way as you support our fight for democracy. Your brave protection of democracy in China with life & blood will be recorded in history, keep us inspired and moving forward.

We have witnessed more and more brothers and sisters standing up and said no to CCP government. Your efforts will not be wasted. A promising effect has appeared, more and more people are joining with real actions to support our fight for democracy & freedom.

Since a year ago, under the leadership of CDPWU, many people have protested at United Nations Headquarter New York, requesting intervene from United Nations on pressuring Chinese Government to improve its human rights condition. CDPWU also organized its members to protest at Chinese Embassy New York against CCP’s anti-people policy, which caused our brothers and sisters losing their homes, or being thrown into jail.

Dear fellow brothers and sisters, under the leadership of CDPWU, our fight against CCP has made great progress both domestically and internationally. We request you to remain protected in China from the corrupted forces. To support your effort, we donated money to human rights activist in China through “BeiJing Spring”(some via Wei, JingSheng Charity Funds). Amount of donations will be published on the website. We will keep doing this in the future and support your effort through real actions.

Dear fellow sisters & brothers, you are in China, and we are abroad, we need constant communication, communication is our strength, communication supports our fight for the great cause. If any of you come to New York, please let us know, we will do our best to help you.

Our fight is not isolated. We are getting more international sympathy, understanding & support. CCP stole Chinese government with the help of international understanding and support years ago, we can do the same. With the support from all over the world, we can force CCP to surrender the authority of government back to the Chinese people.

Wang, Jun
CDPWU Chairman

New York

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