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CDPWU held Rally “Firmly support Chinese Human Rig
Date: 4/4/2007 9:19:45 AM Sender: CDP


  CDPWU held Rally “Firmly support Chinese Human Rights & Anti-Violence Movement”

CDPWU Chairman Wang, Jun held rally “Firmly support Chinese Human Rights & Anti-Violence Movement” with more than 90 CDP members in front of Chinese Consulate General New York on Apr. 3, 2007 at 11 AM. Wang, Jun made important speech at the rally, followed by speech of several other CDPWU members.

Chinese human rights & anti-violence movement is proceeding under the system structure of CCP autocratic systems, fight for people’s rights as citizens as stipulated in the constitution. In recent years, Chinese human rights & anti-violence movement has grown stronger and has gained people’s attention from around the world. It has also sustained severe suppression and cracking down by the CCP government. The most well-known one is the movement to protect farmer’s rights. The farmers fought to keep their land, which has been the source for their survival for generations. CCP government has implemented a series of new rules to alleviate farmer’s burden. However, the problem of farmer’s rights being violated can not be resolved if China does not privatized the ownership of the land.
Without Chinese people’s continuous fight for human rights, CCP government is not able to claim in a high tone of “building harmonic society”. The goal of the movement of protecting people’s rights is for a legitimate social status, which is the basic of a harmonic society. CCP government increases their effort in cracking down human rights movement while starting the anti-corruption campaign inside its leading body at the same time. With more and more support, involvement & understanding from organizations from all over the world, Chinese democracy development & human rights protection will accelerate to a fast lane.

Wang, Jun made speech at the rally today. He said the growth of Chinese human rights & anti-violence movement is the result of the growth of the Chinese market economy, under the slogan of “economic development is the center of all”. CCP government has severely violates people’s living rights during their forceful requisition of lands, illegal demolishment of property, and career arrangements. The political & legal system of CCP not only provides least channel for complaint, but also order local law enforcement to punish people cruelly. People has no way to file their complaint, but to choose the path of joining “human rights & anti-violence movement”

Wang, Jun also pointed out that Chinese human rights & anti-violence movement is the extension of social anti-government movement for years fighting against CCP ruling. They are growing rapidly and have increased in numbers and strength. Their momentum can not be stopped. For a long time, CDPWU has been concerned with democratic movement in China, and has firmly support & actively participate in the events. CDPWU has played an important role in improving democracy, freedom & legal system in China. CDPWU is also important in terminating CCP one party ruling in China and establish the new democratic China.


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