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Nationalization of the army
Date: 4/17/2007 4:25:38 PM Sender: CDP
Protecting the rights of former soldiers & Nationalization of the army
Wang, Jun

     Former People's Liberation Army Officer: Wang, Jun

CCP employs 2.3 million soldiers currently and ranks the number one military forces in the world. However, the real number of soldiers employed is more than that. The policy of “retire within the army” for commander class has increased the number of military employees, and also made the biggest gaps between ranks in CCP army.
Commander class is the boundary for deciding the benefit of the officers. Officers ranking higher become permanent military staff and enjoy the benefit for life. Officers ranking lower or soldiers are temporary employees, and will be kicked out of the army and sent home farming after missions.

One problem arise in this situation: for those who served once in the army, amounts 10 times over 2.3 million, what is their job to do after leaving the army? Are their legal rights being challenged?        
What can they do to help in the human rights and anti-violence movement in China?        

In my opinion, this is the real “army of the people”—their human rights movement will have an important and deeper influence for the future of China.

Chapter One: Human rights movement by the former military employee is growing

In today’s world, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing, conflicts, social injustice is everywhere. CCP’s army has been unstable and this has been a great danger.        

Especially for the movement of protecting rights of former military staff, protests incidents has grown rapidly and this endangers the CCP government.

In April & May of 2005, two biggest organizational protests by the former military staff at the Political Department of CCP army headquarter in Beijing HePingLi has caused attention of international communities. All military staff protests are required to be reported to the CCP central military committee. The vice chairman Guo, BoXiong made comments on the New Year’s Day of 2007: “former military employees protests more often now, and the problems are more severe and in every city, county such problems exist. The protests in HaiNan & HuNan are more like rebelling. Bigger cases are all organized by former soldiers, and they are more powerful than protests by common people or laid-off workers. They costs big bucks to settle and had been a heavy burden of the Central Government.

According to the government documents from the office of arrangements for former military personals, 70 to 80 percent of bigger protests are led by former military personals. Also according to the documents issued by CCP central government office, former military personals have grown into networks in many provinces and regions. As listed by the statistics, there are 104 organizations in 2006. Clearly, protests by the former military personals not only shake the unity of the army soldiers, but also causing threat to CCP’s one party rule government.

Under such conditions, CCP forbid current military staff protesting. CCP is afraid of current military staff united with former military staff, which will dissolve CCP’s control of power. In reality, all former military staff protests have been suppressed by the CCP government, but their activities have received extensive support from current employed military staffs. The growing trend has been developed. The reason is very simple. 94% of Current military staff employed will face the end of employment. Their future is what the former personals have been protesting for today. The extensive and prospering protest activities have destroyed CCP army’s faith on CCP.

Chapter 2: Nationalizations of the army is the path to civilized politics

Nationalization of the army is the general principle of civilized nations.All democratic nations follow the principle. Even India, many Chinese people do not quite agree with, follows the principle that the army do not belong to any political parties. They belong to the government. Constitution of India states that India practice independence of military forces, president is the superior leader of the military forces, cabinet of defense committee are the highest decision maker. Premier served as the chairman of the committee. The authority of giving military orders belongs to the premier in peace time, the cabinet secretary of the premier enforce the authority. During war times, commanders of the military forces are authorized as the leaders. Defense secretary is the highest military leader, and is in charge of the daily business routine. The military forces of India are not affiliated with any political organizations, and stay independent. They are never involved with any political conflictions, and they are highly respected and trusted by India people since they perform their duties as required by the constitution. The successful nationalization of military forces in India is a great example for us to learn. Are Chinese people not good enough as people of India?

After reconsider the question, we realized we are indeed behind India on the matter. China today is an old or even a rotten one party dictatorship system. CCP still controlled all government authorities, especially the military forces. PLA is CCP’s private security. PLA is the guard dog of CCP and not a good one on defending the country. CCP threatens: the nationalization of the military forces is an absolutely No. If not handled properly, it will cause political clash. Yet Chinese people are smart, why cannot we achieve something that people in India are able to achieve? Are we really less smart than the people from India?

NO. CCP should nationalize its military forces right away. Only by doing this, can CCP save its own face before their ancestors. Since 62 years ago, CCP promote nationalization of the military. On Dec. 16, 1945, Premier Zhou, EnLai declared on the news conference in Chongqing as the delegates of CCP: “some people from KMT raised a plan of transferring the authority of military forces to the government. Then government gives a little room for democracy. We believed the current government is still ruled by one party. Giving the authority of leadership of the military forces resisting Japan to KMT means giving authority to a one party ruled government. It changed the army for the people to the army for the KMT. The government then invites several key people to manage. This is not going to work.” Zhou, EnLai also declared: “change the government into a democratic government by representatives from all parties, non-party delegates, giving the power of military forces to the new government”. The meaning of the statement is to practice a democratic political system first and then nationalize the military forces.

CCP leadership refuses the nationalization of the military forces. They are against the people, against their ancestors, and also against the human development of civilization. This should not have happened.

Third Chapter: Government led by Hu, Wen is not optimistic

Then why would CCP leadership do something against their people and their forefathers? This was decided by the nature of dictatorship. Therefore, we cannot hope much with Hu,Wen government. Even for the new government after Hu, Wen, we should not be optimistic.

Let’s examine the fact here: the killing accident by police of ShanWei, GuangDong is a deadly crime, yet no punishment was decided. The commander of the police did not blame his forces of killing innocent people and committing crimes. Instead he wrote articles on “Qiushi” magazine stated that police forces should be involved more in the group incident, which is to crack down the protesting crowds. The commander & secretary general of “ErPao” also highly emphasize their opinions on not nationalize the military forces at the time of incident. A series of organized press conferences also support the use of military forces against the people indirectly. The bloodshed event did not awake the CCP leaders’ consciousness, it even accelerate the steps to a policy of “Cracking down protest with forces”. Since June 4th Massacre in 1989, CCP once again point their guns to their own people, and start shooting people who carries no weapons at all. This is something we cannot allow to happen. CCP’s blood shedding policy will bring more violence and completely destroy the future of China. We must stop the situation from getting worse, and we must bring the persons who ordered the crimes to justice and have them punished.

Recently “mothers of the Tianmen Square” wrote letters to CPC, CPPCC, Mayor of Beijing, Hu JinTao & Wen JiaBao for the 13th time, urging CCP discontinue the ban on June 4th, and make the fact public to the people. They urged CPC to raise a proposal of June 4th to the Congress, and may it be discussed following the procedures of law. They urged the government to resolve the event fairly through talks & negotiations. We strongly support the letter! Overseas democratic personals think it's the time each Chinese people should stand up bravely, and send in their request of the nationalization of military forces.

The fourth Chapter: Military Staff need to play double roles in protecting citizen’s rights

Military personals not only should protect their own rights, but also protect rights of the people. This is what we called “military personals practice double roles in protecting citizen rights”. The nature of military staff is to defend their country and families, fight against the enemies. Therefore, they should not be allowed be used to crack down their own people. The public safety issues should be directed to the police. In all countries abiding the laws, they use their military forces differently when applying to internal affairs and foreign affairs. Not following this principle is engaging in disobedience of political rules.

We consider the virtue of our military members as serving the people, not a guard dog for a dictatorship, nor forces shooting over people. Military personals should urge the government to talk to the people, helping people resolving problems instead of suppressing them all the time.

Nationalization of the military forces is the condition for military personals to achieve double role on protecting citizen rights. Each and every Chinese military member should have the consciousness & responsibility assuming the double roles on protecting citizen’s rights. Each and every of military members should work hard towards the nationalization of the military forces.

(Apr. 08, 2007 in New York, USA)

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