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CCPThreatenJunWang 发表人 Date
A Newspaper Box of China Democracy Journal was Set on Fire CDP 2012-5-24
Surprising News: Chinese communist special agents attempted to assassinate Chair... CDP 2012-2-2
Newspaper Boxes of the China Democracy Journal Were Stolen Again CDP 2010-8-2
Notice of One More Attack on the Website of “China Democracy Party” CDP 2010-3-24
Notice of Attacks on the Website of “China Democracy Party” CDP 2010-2-3
The Website of China Democracy Party is attacked by hostile hackers CDP 2009-12-26
Chairman Jun Wang Received Deadly Threat from CCP CDP 2009-12-26
The Rack of 《China Democracy Journal》was destroyed CDP 2009-10-9
Dagger Appears in China Democracy Journal Rack CDP 2008-11-13
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun cars were damaged again CDP 2007-10-11
U.S. Police Informed the Inspection Process of “Death Threatening Letter” to Cha... CDP 2007-7-28
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun received a second death t CDP 2007-7-19
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun received death threats CDP 2007-6-25
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