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Important Notice 发表人 Date
Duan,Wenzhe: To realize the nationalization of the military Duan,Wenzhe 2022-3-2
Li, Fanglei :Mainland citizens sued the government with zero loss Li, Fanglei 2022-1-1
Wang,Yini: Chinese people talk about democracy (2) Wang,Yini 2018-8-1
Myanmar Eyes Nationwide Clemency for Political Activists VOA 2016-4-20
Concerns Grow Over Hong Kong Censorship VOA 2015-2-20
China Anti-Graft Watchdog Finds Gold, Cash in Official’s Home CDPWU 2014-11-15
US Citizens Detained in N. Korea Fear Being Put on Trial VOA 2014-8-2
Obasanjo: Some Nigerian Schoolgirls May Never Return VOA 2014-6-14
The notice about expelling Chen, Jianliang from China Democratic Party CDP 2013-9-2
Complaint by Lawyers on Qin Yongmin’s Enforced Disappearance CDP 2012-12-10
Chinese Secret Service in the U.S. Sends Informant to China Democracy Party Offi... CDP 2012-12-5
Pro-democracy Predecessor Pays a Visit to China Democracy Party Office CDP 2012-12-1
Urgently Rescue China Democracy Party Member Zhu Yufu CDP 2012-11-15
Emergency Notice CDP 2012-10-29
Part of New Yorkers to Participate in “Voter Education Forum” CDP 2012-10-5
End Chinese Communist Party’s One-party Autocracy; Establish a Multi-party Democ... CDP 2012-9-25
Tibetan Held“Flame of Truth Relay” in New York ------Chairman Jun Wang published... CDP 2012-9-8
Wang Jun: China! Why Rainfall Flood Disaster? Wang Jun 2012-9-1
The President of Southeast Asia Coalition Dr. Hai Van Ha‘ s invitation Letter 2 CDP 2012-8-11
The President of Southeast Asia Coalition Dr. Hai Van Ha‘ s invitation Letter 1 CDP 2012-8-11
Welcome Hu, Limin to join China Democracy Party CDP 2012-8-8
Rally of 23rd Annual Commemoration of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre CDP 2012-5-28
All points bulletin of CCP spies CDP 2011-12-2
Appoint Mr. Jin, Zhushan as organization department minister of China Democracy ... CDP 2011-11-29
Important notice: Important rally in Washington DC CDP 2011-11-18
Important notice CDP 2011-10-14
Chairman Wang, Jun’s appealing to donate to CDP member Wang, Sen suffering diabe... CDP 2011-10-13
Contribution to Against Hunger Rosa Antonelli 2011-9-28
Notice CDP 2011-9-14
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun appeals Chinese abroad to donate to Burmese refugee boys CDP 2011-9-12
An E-mail from Martha 2011-9-10
Invitation to Speak at July 15th (Friday) Rally and Grand March CDP 2011-7-12
Invitation Letter from Community Prevention Annual BBQ Meeting CDP 2011-6-11
Invitation Letter of Tiananmen Square Commemoratio Rally from Initiatives for Ch... CDP 2011-5-31
Invitation Letter from Harvard Univeristy for June 4th Memorial in Harvard Yench... CDP 2011-5-29
China Democracy Party Chairman WANG, Jun Speech at the 17th Commemoration of Vie... CDP 2011-5-18
Descriptions of China Democracy Party Flag’s New Design CDP 2011-5-14
Important Notice: Participation in Human Rights Commemoratio at U.S Congress CDP 2011-5-6
Falun Gong commemorate the 12th anniversary of 4.25 peaceful appeal CDP 2011-4-23
Important notice: <Speak out on major domestic violence/human trafficking eve... CDP 2011-4-21
Important notice: participation of the large assembly of quit of Chinese Communi... CDP 2011-4-21
Important notice: Attendance of rally of “Support to quit CCP” CDP 2011-3-22
Speak out on Major Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking Event Women’s History Mon... CDP 2011-3-17
Important Notice CDP 2011-2-11
“China Democracy Journal” box was damaged again CDP 2011-2-9
Notice of protest of China Democratic movements overseas Alliance China Democratic movements overseas Alliance 2011-1-17
Important Notice: Important activity in Washington D.C. CDP 2010-12-31
Notice of Invitation for media interview CDP 2010-12-27
Wang,Jun wishes Merry Christmas to people across the world CDP 2010-12-24
Invitation from North America Branch of Dalai Lama North America Branch of Dalai Lama 2010-12-6
Notice of China Democracy Party website was under attack CDP 2010-11-19
Important Notice: Important activity in Washington D.C. CDP 2010-11-8
Rally of “Warmly Congratulations on Dissident Liu, CDP 2010-10-26
Medvedev Says Killer of Human Rights Activist Iden CDP 2010-7-16
Congratulations to China Democracy Party Member Wa CDP 2010-7-5
Notice of “Memorize 21th Anniversary of June 4” La CDP 2010-5-31
UK ash cloud restrictions easing BBC 2010-5-17
The Rack of 《China Democracy Journal》was destroyed CDP 2010-3-29
Non-Immigrant Trademarke of China Democracy Party CDP 2010-3-29
Announcement of Donation to Rongqing Wong CDP 2010-3-29
The Website of China Democracy Party and China Dem CDP 2010-3-29
Important Notice CDP 2010-3-29
Notice of Attacks on the Website of “China Democra CDP 2010-3-29
Chairman Jun Wang Sends New Year Greetings to All CDP 2010-3-29
Notice of One More Attacks on the Website of “Chin CDP 2010-3-29
Important News: China Democracy Party led by Mr. J CDP 2010-3-29
Important Notice: Washington DC. Activity CDP 2010-3-29
Urgent Notice: Yahoo! is in Collusion with China C CDP 2010-3-27
Important Conference Notice CDP 2009-9-15
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