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S. Korean Intelligence Official Defends Agency in Suicide Note VOA 2015-7-20
Dozens Flee Homes as Wildfires Rage in Greece VOA 2015-7-18
UN: More North Korean Children Treated for Malnutrition VOA 2015-7-18
Former Philippines Governor Dies While on Trial for Murder VOA 2015-7-18
Thai Trial Opens for 2 Accused of Killing British Tourists VOA 2015-7-8
UNICEF: Drought Puts North Korean Children at Risk VOA 2015-7-8
Myanmar Sets November National Election Date VOA 2015-7-8
Russia Bans Internet Database Archive VOA 2015-7-5
Malaysian Leader Faces Risk of Criminal Charges Over Fund VOA 2015-7-5
US Supreme Court Backs Same-Sex Marriage VOA 2015-6-26
EU Launches Operation to Counter Human Traffickers VOA 2015-6-22
EU Extends Russia Sanctions for 6 Months VOA 2015-6-22
Nun Sexually Assaulted in India VOA 2015-6-22
Debate Begins Over Hong Kong’s Electoral Reform VOA 2015-6-17
What’s Next for China’s Anti-Corruption Drive? VOA 2015-6-17
Hong Kong Tense Ahead of Electoral Reform Decision VOA 2015-6-16
Activists: Kurds, Syrian Rebels Seize Border Town from IS VOA 2015-6-16
Officials Expect Korea MERS Outbreak to End Before July VOA 2015-6-15
China Puts Ship Disaster Survivors at 12, Says All Bodies Found VOA 2015-6-15
Tensions High as Hong Kong Vote Looms VOA 2015-6-15
Power Urges Ukrainian People to Keep Pressing for Reform VOA 2015-6-11
Child Marriage Foes Denounce Proposed Law in Bangladesh VOA 2015-6-11
China Ship Death Toll Surpasses 430 VOA 2015-6-8
MERS Outbreak in South Korea Increasing but Not Spreading VOA 2015-6-8
China Rights Capsized Ship, Death Toll Jumps to 97 VOA 2015-6-5
Suspected Chinese Hackers Stole Data of Millions of US Federal Workers VOA 2015-6-5
S. Korea: Fourth Death in MERS Outbreak VOA 2015-6-4
Chinese Students in US Urge Justice for Tiananmen Massacre VOA 2015-6-4
Amnesty: 8,000 Killed in Anti-Boko Haram Campaign VOA 2015-6-3
Hope Dims in Search for Survivors of China Ship Tragedy VOA 2015-6-3
Indian Heat-wave Death Toll Passes 1,800 VOA 2015-5-29
US: Boat People in SE Asia Need Urgent Rescue VOA 2015-5-29
Life for Returning Afghan Refugees Goes from Bad to Worse VOA 2015-5-29
Dozens Killed in Boko Haram Attack VOA 2015-5-26
Aung San Suu Kyi Missing from Global Meeting on Rohingya VOA 2015-5-26
Opposition Quits Burundi Peace Talks After a Party Leader is Murdered VOA 2015-5-24
Opposition Quits Burundi Peace Talks After a Party Leader is Murdered VOA 2015-5-24
Protesters Scuffle With Men Outside China-Taiwan Meeting VOA 2015-5-24
Women Peace Activists Cross Korean DMZ VOA 2015-5-24
Morocco Eases Abortion Access VOA 2015-5-16
Taliban Kidnaps Dozens in Afghanistan VOA 2015-5-16
Chinese Travelers Blacklisted by Government VOA 2015-5-8
Thailand Announces More Trafficking Arrests VOA 2015-5-8
Thousands Attend Funeral of Slain New York Policeman VOA 2015-5-8
On The Scene: Aid Reaches Nepal Quake Victims VOA 2015-4-29
Marchers on the Move Again in Baltimore VOA 2015-4-29
Rebels Launch New Offensive in Northwestern Syria VOA 2015-4-23
Modi Land Bill Delayed Amid Rising Anger in Rural India VOA 2015-4-23
VOA Interview Cited in Case Against Chinese Dissident VOA 2015-4-23
French Parliament Debates Bill to Empower Spies VOA 2015-4-13
Kenyan Student Dies, More Than 100 Injured in Campus Stampede VOA 2015-4-13
S. Korea, Japan Discuss N. Korea Nuclear Threat Amid Tensions VOA 2015-4-13
US Republicans Continue Attack on Iran Nuclear Deal VOA 2015-4-12
Bangladesh on Alert After Execution of Islamist Opposition Leader VOA 2015-4-12
Turkish Court Bans Twitter, YouTube VOA 2015-4-6
Somali President: Kenya Should Not Build Wall VOA 2015-4-6
S. Korea Watching for Possible North Korea Missile Launch VOA 2015-4-6
France Pledges to Identify All Air Crash Victims Within Days VOA 2015-3-31
Myanmar Signs Cease-Fire Deal with 16 Rebel Groups VOA 2015-3-31
Hundreds of Hanoians Protest Tree-chopping Plan VOA 2015-3-22
Chinese Activist Accuses Obama of Trying to Leave Him in China VOA 2015-3-22
N. Korea Threatens Retaliation Over Planned Balloon Launch VOA 2015-3-22
UN Envoy Presses for Safe Schools Worldwide VOA 2015-3-18
Indonesia Waives Tourist Visa for 30 Countries VOA 2015-3-18
Tibetan Protest Marks 2008 Massacre VOA 2015-3-18
10 Americans Heading Home After Possible Ebola Exposure VOA 2015-3-14
Cartoonist Who Survived Attack Gets Free-Speech Award VOA 2015-3-14
Elderly Nun Gang-Raped in India VOA 2015-3-14
Libyan Oil Field Hostages Include 9 Foreigners VOA 2015-3-9
Putin Bestows Controversial Awards VOA 2015-3-9
Monsanto Talks Food Security, But Critics Want Vietnam War Restitution First VOA 2015-3-9
Canadian Pastor Detained in North Korea VOA 2015-3-5
Motive Unknown in Attack on US South Korea Ambassador VOA 2015-3-5
Pakistan Blocks Baloch Activist from US Trip VOA 2015-3-5
Relocation of Nigerians from Cameroon Border Gets Underway VOA 2015-3-3
N. Korea: Joint Drills Could Spark War VOA 2015-3-3
Thousands March Against Boko Haram in Cameroon VOA 2015-2-28
Moscow Prepares for March Commemorating Russian Opposition Leader VOA 2015-2-28
Myanmar Warns Workers to End Strikes VOA 2015-2-25
Hong Kong Turmoil Sparks Decline in Mainland Visitors VOA 2015-2-25
Russia Pushes Patriotic Ringtones for Putin VOA 2015-2-23
Controversial Vietnamese Photo Taken Offline After Backlash VOA 2015-2-23
2 Students Given Jail Terms for Defaming Thai Royal Family VOA 2015-2-23
Views Mixed on Broadening US Sanctions Against N Korea VOA 2015-2-22
Kerry, Zarif Join Nuclear Talks in Geneva VOA 2015-2-22
Disabled North Korean Student Performers Visit Europe VOA 2015-2-22
Jailed RFE/RL Journalist Vows to Pursue Corruption Probe VOA 2015-2-20
Struggling in Europe, Muslims Look to US for Better Model VOA 2015-2-17
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