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Sun, Zhude: CCP-called “People’s Choice” is a lie
Date: 3/1/2016 6:40:22 PM Sender: Sun, Zhude
Sun, Zhude: CCP-called “People’s Choice” is a lie

孙祝德(Sun, Zhude)
Chinese Communist regime for its own legitimacy, now has a new argument, is called the people's choice.
After the Chinese Communist Party claimed victory in the fight for the Communist Party and the Kuomintang, the Chinese people choose the Communist Party abandoned the Kuomintang, the Chinese Communist Party came to power is entrusted by the people to establish their own regime.
This is a downright lie.
After the war the Kuomintang and the Communist forces of their respective organizations, in order to compete for the world bloody fighting, under Soviet Communist occupation of Northeast arms aid, then swept south lay the country to defeat the KMT.
As is king loser for Kou, historical cycles regime change, how can the Chinese people the opportunity to express their views.
Even so, even the CCP came to power in 1949 the Chinese people really choose, so that the original generation of Chinese people have gradually become the old and modern Chinese people mostly born after 1949, for which the two parties have not experienced the Chinese people to compete CPC may have given their right to choose? So-called people's choice is simply reversed the historical distortion of the facts.

Sun, Zhude
March 1, 2016

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