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He,Zhengyang: the Relationship between Human Rights and Democracy He,Zhengyang 2017-9-9
Zhu,Fengxia: Democracy and Human Rights Zhu,Fengxia 2017-9-1
Cao, Jianping: the government is serving the public Cao, Jianping 2017-8-8
Xie, Feng: China ’s mainland funds to accelerate outflow Xie, Feng 2017-8-1
Li, Yinhua: a family of five fled from North Korea to commit suicide in China Li, Yinhua 2017-7-24
Guo, Zhongfeng:Vision of human right in China from the demise of Xiaobo Liu Guo, Zhongfeng 2017-7-16
He,Zhengyang: What is the root of democracy? He,Zhengyang 2017-6-4
Chen, Li: The Relationship between Human Rights and Democracy Chen, Li 2017-5-25
Tang, Zhenyi: “democratic centralism” is a personal tyranny Tang, Zhenyi 2017-4-14
Li, Yinhua: find the court and find a high official Li, Yinhua 2017-4-5
He,Zhengyang: human rights are inseparable He,Zhengyang 2017-4-5
Feng, Qiang: The CCP is afraid of the Dalai Lama Feng, Qiang 2017-3-13
Cao, Jianping: The Chinese government has no credibility Cao, Jianping 2017-3-3
Nan, Quanyi: the arrival of China’s democratization who can not stop Nan, Quanyi 2017-2-12
Fu, Guolong: to achieve the purpose of unscrupulous Fu, Guolong 2017-2-4
wang, Jun: self-contradictory “cultural self-confidence” wang, Jun 2017-2-3
He,Zhengyang: human rights are immutable He,Zhengyang 2017-2-2
Li, Min: dual members of the democratic parties in mainland China Li, Min 2017-1-20
Feng, Qiang: The Chinese mainland authorities are penetrating into the private s... Feng, Qiang 2017-1-17
Qi, Ligang: China’s democratic transformation is inevitable Qi, Ligang 2017-1-12
Zhu,Fengxia: democracy must be implemented to protect human rights Zhu,Fengxia 2017-1-7
Hu, Kehui: tyranny fierce in the tiger Hu, Kehui 2017-1-5
Wu, Biqiong: The administrative reform of the Chinese Communist Party is not a d... Wu, Biqiong 2017-1-3
Xie, Feng: The CPC strengthens the function of the district neighborhood committ... Xie, Feng 2017-1-3
Wang, Ting: Comparing the Election between China and the United States Wang, Ting 2017-1-3
Sun, Zhude: authoritarian national political brainwashing from the child Sun, Zhude 2017-1-1
Wang, Ting: China is not a contracting society Wang, Ting 2016-12-22
Wu, Biqiong: Appreciation of American Democracy Wu, Biqiong 2016-12-21
Zhu,Fengxia: request to lift the network blockade Zhu,Fengxia 2016-12-9
He,Zhengyang: human rights are not transferable He,Zhengyang 2016-12-8
Xie, Feng: Guangxi villagers protested the demolition of schools Xie, Feng 2016-12-2
Wu, Biqiong: Chinese people need to be human dignity Wu, Biqiong 2016-12-2
Chen, Li: Talking from Yuan ,Shikai to the Emperor Chen, Li 2016-12-2
Li, Sihong: Direct Democracy Left the Chinese Communist Party behind Li, Sihong 2016-12-2
Wang, Ting: Chinese official society can not reduce corruption Wang, Ting 2016-12-1
Wang, Ting: The CCP ’s listening to public opinion is a lie Wang, Ting 2016-11-28
Wu, Biqiong: It is necessary to solve the problem of Tibetan children’s school ... Wu, Biqiong 2016-11-18
Hu, Kehui: Chinese media criticize US presidential election Hu, Kehui 2016-11-11
Fu, Guolong: is to eat the people’s rice, not to eat the party’s rice Fu, Guolong 2016-11-11
Sun, Zhude: Why did the CCP continue to produce conspirators and careerists? Sun, Zhude 2016-11-11
Tang, Zhenyi: China is behind two thousand years Tang, Zhenyi 2016-11-11
Liu, Xiongchuan: The Communist Party needs to keep pace with the times Liu, Xiongchuan 2016-11-11
Wang, Ting: The CCP has also called itself Wang, Ting 2016-11-10
Wu, Biqiong: The so-called People’s Representative of the Wu, Biqiong 2016-11-1
Wang, Ting: mainland China’s independent candidates were unable to move Wang, Ting 2016-10-25
Wang, Ting: Party members in arrears of serious phenomenon Wang, Ting 2016-10-17
Xu, Huabin: CCP officials are hypocrites Xu, Huabin 2016-10-13
Li, Yinhua: China’s tens of thousands of veteran officers surrounded the Chinese... Li, Yinhua 2016-10-11
Wu, Biqiong: The White Paper on Judicial Human Rights of the CCP is a lie Wu, Biqiong 2016-10-10
Wang, Lianzhu: the Legacy of Marxism in China Wang, Lianzhu 2016-10-10
Liu, Yongbin: The Chinese people are fighting against tyranny Liu, Yongbin 2016-10-10
He,Zhengyang: human rights are irreplaceable He,Zhengyang 2016-10-1
Cao, Jianping: China fake land really grab Cao, Jianping 2016-10-1
Li, Min: Chinese people’s awareness of freedom is awakening Li, Min 2016-10-1
Wu, Biqiong: People’s Daily alleges that the US media does not have credibility Wu, Biqiong 2016-10-1
Xu, Huabin: China ’s emergence of divorce buyers tide Xu, Huabin 2016-10-1
Wang, Ting: The CPC’s Standing Committee is prone to corruption Wang, Ting 2016-9-28
Wu, Biqiong: Chinese Communist Party to Collect People ’s Congress Passport to P... Wu, Biqiong 2016-9-21
Qi, Ligang: modern society is a tolerant society Qi, Ligang 2016-9-19
Xu, Huabin: Democratization of China needs leaders Xu, Huabin 2016-9-11
Li, Shigang: CPC 600 officials were punished because of environmental problems Li, Shigang 2016-9-11
Feng, Qiang: The CCP adopts different ways to suppress religion Feng, Qiang 2016-9-9
wang, Jun: China has a constitution but prohibits talking about constitutional g... wang, Jun 2016-9-9
Wang, Ting: The CCP still uses the “political trial” to control the people Wang, Ting 2016-9-2
Wu, Biqiong: Chinese Communist leaders want to extend their terms of office Wu, Biqiong 2016-9-2
Xiao, Junge: democracy is the purpose or means Xiao, Junge 2016-9-1
He,Zhengyang: people have human rights is necessary He,Zhengyang 2016-8-18
Li, Shigang: in front of the CPC Central Military veterans appear petition Li, Shigang 2016-8-18
Xu, Huabin: Chinese people need to emancipate their minds Xu, Huabin 2016-8-8
Wang, Lei :Chinese citizens have no rights to participate freely in elections Wang, Lei 2016-8-1
Hu, Kehui: Who “killed”Wei Zexi Hu, Kehui 2016-8-1
Li, Lin: civil service exam in China is going through the motions Li, Lin 2016-8-1
Nan, Quanyi: the implementation of the Chinese authorities is the herdsman polit... Nan, Quanyi 2016-8-1
Li, Lin: CPC represents this year to guard against coup Li, Lin 2016-7-17
Zhou, Wangbao: China needs freedom of speech Zhou, Wangbao 2016-7-13
Xu, Huabin: CPC senior officials retirement benefits amazing Xu, Huabin 2016-7-7
He,Zhengyang: Talk about my understanding of human rights He,Zhengyang 2016-7-1
Li, Jian: Chinese mainland local governments ban public law enforcement by polic... Li, Jian 2016-6-24
Xu, Huabin: Law enforcement officers of the Chinese Communist Party regard law a... Xu, Huabin 2016-6-18
He, Dan: atheist can not have religious freedom in China He, Dan 2016-6-14
Zhong, Anfu: CPC officials should pay attention to a question by reporters Zhong, Anfu 2016-6-7
Feng, Qiang: exile also escape the clutches of the Chinese Communist Party Feng, Qiang 2016-6-6
Li, Sihong: CCP opposes the world with network sovereignty Li, Sihong 2016-6-6
Li, Min: the Republic of standards Li, Min 2016-6-4
Meng, Xianghong: CPC provisions expatriates do not enter the CPPCC National Peop... Meng, Xianghong 2016-6-4
Tang, Zhenyi: strengthening national defense is only to defend the Chinese Commu... Tang, Zhenyi 2016-6-4
Xie, Feng: from the output revolution to the output of corruption Xie, Feng 2016-6-4
Sun, Ning: China Rise copy CPC Constitution boom Sun, Ning 2016-6-4
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