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Gan, Yujia: Chinese mainland judicial corruption appears to jail avatars
Date: 4/5/2016 4:51:57 PM Sender: Gan, Yujia
Gan, Yujia: Chinese mainland judicial corruption appears to jail avatars

干渝佳(Gan, Yujia)
Avatars phenomenon often seen in movies or TV series, such as martial arts master martial arts film employed, instead of the main character starred in fierce fighting martial arts clips, or historical drama employ special type actor, played the audience familiar with the modern leader, can play an unexpected dramatic effect.
However, the Chinese mainland endemic corruption wonders, in the real world actually strange that such a prisoner avatars.
According to Chinese media reports, the drunk driving accident injuries and other cases involving criminal offenses, inmates sentenced to imprisonment in some places just make a lot of money, you can hire a substitute on behalf of imprisoned criminals I can go unpunished.
Currently, hiring substitute prison conditions see is young men, instead of jail time is three and a half to ensure that before the jail, a one-time payment of 300 million, and to further ensure that it had a good dredge the prison staff, in jail during definitely will not be bullied.
It has a substitute jail, visible CCP judiciary was corrupt to the extent incurable.

Gan, Yujia
April 5, 2016

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