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Gan, Menglin: China expired vaccine injured children
Date: 4/4/2016 4:10:43 PM Sender: Gan, Menglin
Gan, Menglin: China expired vaccine injured children

干梦琳(Gan, Menglin)
Chinese mainland pharmaceutical market recently came the shocking news, a lot of expired or invalid number of vaccines, including tetanus vaccine, rabies vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine and smallpox vaccine, collusion by unscrupulous businessmen and medicine procurement staff, has entered many rural hospitals applied to the childhood immunization.
These invalid or expired vaccines, not only can enhance children's ability to quarantine it, it would seriously affect their growth and development, resulting in lifelong physical impairment, and even endanger their lives, there are currently some provinces in mainland China, there have been children expired vaccine injection lethal events.
Chinese society under the influence of the CCP's corrupt officialdom culture, the concept of right and wrong has become no conscience, do anything for money benefit fraud to the point of shocking, even lethal bodily harm human life do not care, this continues, people in mainland China will be a moral value of total collapse.

Gan, Menglin
April 4, 2016

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