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Chen, Changsheng: CCP did not criticize the US presidential election
Date: 4/5/2016 4:39:39 PM Sender: Chen, Changsheng
Chen, Changsheng: CCP did not criticize the US presidential election

陈长胜(Chen, Changsheng)
US presidential election is in progress, the competition between many candidates each other, sometimes criticize each other very spicy, the debate is fierce war of words. CPC this cynical media, ridiculed the US presidential election like a farce, candidates are acting, sarcastic lip service, it is not a serious election in national leaders.
In fact, the CCP is not qualified to comment on the US presidential election.
Under Communist rule, all the Chinese people have been denied the right to vote, has not held a referendum election, government leaders at all levels are specified by a one-party, such party-state dictatorship, as well as its Queen media, how Western democracies have a face ridicule it.
In fact, let alone compared with Western countries, is compared with many Middle Eastern countries, are far less than the CPC. For example, Iran has held a number of presidential elections, although many shortcomings, but that is the referendum, one vote election reflects the will of the people.
CPC held the annual NPC session, playing with fake democracy to deceive the people, is the world's largest political joke.

Chen, Changsheng
April 5, 2016

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