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Chen, Qiliang: China needs to improve the legal system
Date: 4/4/2016 4:37:49 PM Sender: Chen, Qiliang
Chen, Qiliang: China needs to improve the legal system

陈其亮(Chen, Qiliang)
Recently China Heilongjiang Province Harbin Gang double Towns ZhengGongJun made a video on the Internet, real-name reporting the Jiading District of Shanghai high-speed traffic police chief Wu Junli.
Jeong is a Shanghai auto repair shop business manager, assigned by the boss to go to Jiading, Shanghai and Jiangsu section (on the highway network has a two-car collision) talks about the damage to the vehicle repair business, since the processing of the accident the traffic police Sergeant Wu Junli Jeong boss and an old acquaintance, so this business is assigned to the repair shop.
Wu may also want to benefit from it, but Jeong did not know why, so that Wu was not immediately meet bribes, so that is Jeong used violence and threats. Jeong harm caused to the physical, mental ravages insult and trample on the dignity of personality.
(Omitted here to talk about what has happened) problem is a traffic sergeant, in broad daylight, brazenly open race course bribes, extortion and violence means not amazing.
This is not to be tolerated in any democratic country.
In Shanghai, the international metropolis in China occurred, it is really incredible.
Jeong call 110 and later processing, but police mutual Selection Committee, police Superintendent each other, working hand in glove.
Inspectors are even indifferent and apathetic.
A last resort, in case of alarm ZhengGongJun nowhere, only to send a video in the online reporting Wujun Li upset, thereby hope to attract the support and concern of Internet users, and lead to relevant departments. Also social justice.
After watching this video, I urgently call on the Chinese government can improve democracy and legal system as soon as possible to ensure that every citizen's fundamental liberty and security. What punish corrupt officials, to prevent such incidents from happening again.
So that everyone can be rich, a sense of justice, respect for discipline and law-abiding. Chinese people live in a free and democratic parts around in!

Chen, Qiliang
April 4, 2016

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