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Li, Xiaping: Chinese mainland emigrated ten thousand millionaires
Date: 3/7/2016 4:14:29 PM Sender: Li, Xiaping
Li, Xiaping: Chinese mainland emigrated ten thousand millionaires

李夏平(Li, Xiaping)
According to World Bank report released by wealth research firm, has nearly one million Chinese mainland millionaires emigrated overseas, ranking first in the world last year, the number of wealthy immigrants.
Chinese mainland immigrants most rich countries are Australia, the United States in recent years because of more stringent controls to review and accept the number of millionaires in mainland China immigrants than Australia.
According to the survey analysis, the main reasons for these immigrant Chinese mainland millionaires is wanted from serious environmental pollution in China, the second is to choose a better educational opportunities for their children, there is the rule of law and want to live in a clean society, these things are in mainland China can not buy with money.
In the one-party authoritarian and corrupt officials scourge social situation in China is deteriorating more and more Chinese people have begun to clearly recognize that the only escape from the mainland is the most sensible way out. Those who do not have the economic strength of ordinary people, unable to emigrate can only suffer in silence, resentment over time, one day will want to trigger social unrest.
Chinese mainland emigrated ten thousand millionaires, rich description of dissatisfaction Chinese society is increasing.

Li, Xiaping
March 7, 2016

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