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Fu, Guolong: CPC to develop charity law to suppress dissidents
Date: 5/4/2016 4:55:19 PM Sender: Fu, Guolong
Fu, Guolong: CPC to develop charity law to suppress dissidents

付国龙(Fu, Guolong)
CCP recently brewing formulate header nationwide charity law, the draft law proposed regulations, individuals and foreigners can not initiate fund-raising activities, charitable organizations registered with the Government can engage in fund-raising, but must submit an application to the civil authorities, after the approval of the specified media Post donation announcement, without the approval of illegal fund-raising will be banned by law.
Several online media for comment on the legislation, noting that the authorities deliberately suppressed dissidents action.
In recent years Chinese mainland authorities to strengthen respect different opinions repression, because many dissidents arrested or dismissed from themselves and their families living in trouble, we need to rely on the community to launch a fund-raising help tide them over.
Chinese authorities are now planning charity law prohibits private voluntary fund-raising activities held, by this means an attempt to cut off aid to dissidents, to destroy all kinds of civil protests, to secure the CCP's one-party dictatorship.
As can be seen, the CPC formulated charity law, in fact, to suppress dissidents.

Fu, Guolong
May 4, 2016

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