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Cao, Jianping: the right to have money in China
Date: 5/18/2016 5:39:43 PM Sender: Cao, Jianping
Cao, Jianping: the right to have money in China

曹剑萍(Cao, Jianping)
In China the right to the money, has been buying or selling the phenomenon has always existed, and very common, people hated this phenomenon, but there is no way.
Because ordinary people do not have the right to speak, all the rights are vested in the hands of a minority officer, people can only sad seeing this phenomenon more and more serious, there are few people really do not see in the past can not stand to petition report.
But no result may even hire retaliation, the people are silent resentment, which is naked trading power for money, power and money equate to spend money to buy an official who is not a fool, they will buying and deemed to be an investment, of course, we need to have investment return.
This is their purpose, so once the hands have the right to wantonly corruption, collusion to seek benefits in order to recover costs and also has a huge interest, so that the people of this inevitable phenomenon of corruption is hated .

Cao, Jianping
May 18, 2016

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