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Zhong, Anfu: China’s democratic process must be driven by ordinary people
Date: 3/18/2016 6:04:52 PM Sender: Zhong, Anfu
Zhong, Anfu: China’s democratic process must be driven by ordinary people

钟安富(Zhong, Anfu)
Western political scientists and political figures, based on the experience of many emerging democracies that along with economic development, the power of the middle class in China will gradually increase, they are asked to participate in political affairs, the State Administration hopes to have a bigger say they will be promoting democracy in mainland China an important force.
But these Western people just smoke and mirrors, they do not really understand the actual situation in mainland China.
China's current middle class, is a wealthy vested interests, they get tremendous benefits from the past 30 years of political and economic policies, they want to maintain the current system unchanged, but if the implementation of political reforms, they will likely lose the currently available everything.
So China's democratic political process, can not rely on the middle class, but people need to arouse the consciousness of workers and peasants, unite to defend their rights, against corruption, the requirements of justice, initiated collective demands, so that we can form a huge social pressure, thereby promoting political reform, the establishment of democracy in mainland China.

Zhong, Anfu
March 18, 2016

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