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Zhong, Anfu: CPC officials should pay attention to a question by reporters
Date: 6/7/2016 4:07:03 PM Sender: Zhong, Anfu
Zhong, Anfu: CPC officials should pay attention to a question by reporters

钟安富(Zhong, Anfu)
A senior Communist Party of the Department of Space, in response to questions at a news conference, a reporter asked the question because he felt so embarrassed, even rage rave break, accusing the reporter grabbed hold some negative issues, has threatened to write down his correspondent card number, to be reported to the relevant authorities arrested him.
A news reporter, ask questions at the press conference of some concern to society, I asked the relevant authorities to give an answer, it is his duty, but also to the public's right to know.
CCP officials not only refused to answer questions, actually threaten to arrest reporters to ask questions, or at least enough to prove that these officials feudal mind.
CCP had issued a document, leading cadres at all levels must correct understanding of their position, close ties with the masses, and consciously accept supervision by public opinion. But the size of the Chinese Communist Party officials, are high above acting as master, do not put civilians and the general media on the eyes, regardless of how the above requirements will not change their master mentality.

Zhong, Anfu
June 7, 2016

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