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Li, Jian: Only change the Chinese system to curb official corruption
Date: 3/3/2016 3:01:45 PM Sender: Li, Jian
Li, Jian: Only change the Chinese system to curb official corruption

李建(Li, Jian)
Chinese mainland official corruption, although the authorities through strong regulation, on the surface seems like restraint, actually secretly corrupt favoritism occurred unabated, this is because the system produces corrupt officials has not changed, the old sacking corrupt officials, a steady stream of new corrupt officials will appear.
Especially in remote grassroots away from the central government, because of lack of supervision, corruption is the development of staggering proportions.
According to Chinese media reports, a county in western Hunan, chairman of the CPPCC, extortion and embezzlement of public funds, from the coffin to the grave granddaughter diapers thanks to public reimbursement. Basic needs of the whole family, furniture, appliances, utilities, he opened indiscriminate receipt reimbursement, he never spent a penny.
In addition to embezzlement, the chairman of the CPPCC also ask public to the relevant units of property.
His mansion at night is not bright enough, he forcing the Electricity Authority in its courtyard mansion free installation of more powerful lamp lights.
His mansion lack of trees, he also requested the Bureau of Parks precious free transplant seedlings into his house.
Although this corrupt eventually be brought to justice, but you can see how shocking corruption in mainland China. Only by changing the Chinese regime to curb official corruption.

Li, Jian
March 3, 2016

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