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Li, Jian: Chinese mainland local governments ban public law enforcement by police shooting
Date: 6/24/2016 4:03:32 PM Sender: Li, Jian
Li, Jian: Chinese mainland local governments ban public law enforcement by police shooting

李建(Li, Jian)
Chinese mainland police has always been notorious curse can be arbitrary beatings, brutal as brutal as bandits, people already strong dissatisfaction. In recent years, police brutal enforcement is getting worse, often injured or even killed people involved after the incident and all sorts of cover, destruction of evidence, intimidation of witnesses to the masses, superiors and subordinates do everything possible to escape legal punishment.
And now in order to cover up their atrocities evade supervision by the people, even some local governments in China issued a document open, banned people shooting police enforcement action, claiming that the shooting behavior interfere with normal police enforcement, if the police refused to accept the order to continue shooting, it belongs to hinder the police performance of official duties will be implemented arrested at the scene, and criminal prosecution.
In modern civilized countries, people shooting police enforcement is an effective way to supervise the exercise of government power, the realization of judicial justice.
Many incidents of police violence, abuse, people are shot by photography and video was revealed, the parties and therefore subject to judicial police investigated and punished.
CPC prohibits people shooting police enforcement, there is a guilty conscience, afraid of his own brutality exposed to broad daylight.

Li, Jian
June 24, 2016

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