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He, Dan: CCP media advocacy dare Sword
Date: 4/5/2016 4:48:53 PM Sender: He, Dan
He, Dan: CCP media advocacy dare Sword

何丹(He, Dan)
Communist People's Daily recently published an article murderous, leading cadres at the crucial moment to dare Sword.
The article says, for those malicious attacks, spreading rumors of erroneous remarks, for those who beautify the Western political system, universal values preached heresy, leading cadres have a responsibility to take the initiative to sound distinctive attitude.
The article added that the Communists even bloodshed of the Revolution have insisted over, and now people are afraid to say that we do autocracy?
In the ideological field, leading cadres should take the lead and to fight bad speech, dare to Sword, the courage to play, the first charge, never backward, forming pre-loaded situation.
This article is very autocratic monarchy that Mao Zedong domineering, but also reflects the philosophy of the ruling Communist Party.
Repressive regime that is right, the sword is the weapon used to destroy opponents in the era of the seizure of power, after the power used to suppress the revolt, from civil war to June 4, 1989 massacre, the CCP has been in the dance Bloody sword
Modern civilized society should advocate democracy, human rights and freedoms.

He, Dan
April 5, 2016

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