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Sun, Ning: China Rise copy CPC Constitution boom
Date: 6/4/2016 4:05:29 PM Sender: Sun, Ning
Sun, Ning: China Rise copy CPC Constitution boom

孙宁(Sun, Ning)
CPC Central Committee recently issued a document, decided to carry out "to seriously study the party constitution, to become qualified members' activities in the whole Chinese Communist Party, called for all Communist Party members to" study the Party Constitution, "as a starting point, once Communist Ideological Education Movement, Reviewing advanced model guidelines Communists, play a leading role in the new era.
After the activities, and gradually evolved into a "copy constitution" of the specific model, from the grassroots to the senior cadres of state-owned enterprises, have invested an upsurge copied Constitution, everyone is competing to transcribe 15,000 word Chinese Communist Party Constitution.
Some places even appeared in the wedding night newlyweds copy constitution, human rights workers were at the door of the court copy constitution strange phenomenon.
This copy constitution movement if further interpretation of it, likely will return to the old path of the Cultural Revolution, when the three constantly read articles aloud every day, the President of quotations daily recitation, singing red songs at any time.
The rise of mainland China copied the CCP Constitution boom, fully reflect the authorities further deprived of the rights of Chinese people's freedom of thought.

Sun, Ning
June 4, 2016

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