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Wang, Lei: Chinese democracy is a matter of necessity
Date: 5/15/2016 5:24:19 PM Sender: Wang, Lei
Wang, Lei: Chinese democracy is a matter of necessity

王磊(Wang, Lei)
New Authoritarianism first former Communist Party leader Deng, Xiaoping era appeared to provide a theoretical basis for the iron rule of Deng, Xiaoping.
After Deng Xiaoping era, neo-authoritarianism gradually disappeared, it has slowly been forgotten.
But after the new CPC leadership came to power, overview autocratic power, but also took the opportunity to flatter flatter hacks advocating neo-authoritarianism again.
The new authoritarians hacks touted, is the emphasis on such a large population in China, the country vary widely, the country's economic and cultural development of education extreme imbalance, only under the authority of a strong leader of governance, in order to implement various development projects, promote economic It continues to grow and achieve rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
New Authoritarianism argues that democracy is not appropriate at this stage of China, the election can only cause confusion and inefficiency quarrel, even apart. For the long-term interests of the country, the people have to sacrifice the rights of individuals to obey wise leader.
New Authoritarianism is clearly the CCP's dictatorship put on the cloak of rational, but the people have awakened, and now definitely will not believe this fallacy.
Chinese democracy is inevitable.

Wang, Lei
May 15, 2016

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