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Wang, Lei :Chinese citizens have no rights to participate freely in elections
Date: 8/1/2016 4:26:02 PM Sender: Wang, Lei
Wang, Lei :Chinese citizens have no rights to participate freely in elections

王磊(Wang, Lei)
CPC to develop their own constitution declared that Chinese people have mastered the powers of the state, to become masters of the country, those who least 18 years old citizens, regardless of ethnic race, sex, occupation, family background, religious belief, education, property status and residence, have the right to vote and stand for election.
But the fact that the CCP's constitution is all a lie rumor is purely to fool its own people, to deceive world public opinion.
According to the Chinese mainland media reports, Yongjing County, Gansu Province recently held the grassroots People's Congress elections, there are five local citizens independent candidate, but later was taken away by the CCP all the police on charges of "undermining the election."
The five nominees in full compliance with the provisions of the CPC Constitution, the exercise of citizens' right to be elected Lee, was arrested even prosecuted, which indicates that Chinese mainland is simply outright dictatorship, ordinary people do not have any basic rights of political participation, and the feudal slave society without any distinction.

Wang, Lei
August 1, 2016

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