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Li, Shigang: in front of the CPC Central Military veterans appear petition
Date: 8/18/2016 3:00:22 PM Sender: Li, Shigang
Li, Shigang: in front of the CPC Central Military veterans appear petition

李世刚(Li, Shigang)
Beijing headquarters of the CPC Central Military Commission, is a mysterious organ heavily guarded, always heavily guarded not free to close, ordinary people had to sidestep.
However, the authorities of the Central Military Commission now airs superior was broken, the gate often gathered retired disabled veterans from all over the petition, like a protest conference games.
Most disabled veterans are due to self-defense against Vietnam war injuries, but also because of the public disability. Due to lack of basic health and welfare, and some people living in extreme poverty. They petition for many years, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments and the relevant provisions of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, to solve their livelihood problems.
CPC Central Military Commission for these petitions veterans, ignore the attitude to take, also sent guards forcibly escorted to detention centers petitioners, and then sent back home.
But the petition disabled veteran said that even if they are sent home, they will never give up the rights, will go back to the CPC Central Military petition, be sure to get justice.
In fact, the true face of these problems, positive solution is the best approach.

Li, Shigang
August 18, 2016

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