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Li, Lin: The Chinese Communist Party New Democracy is a complete lie
Date: 3/13/2016 4:03:14 PM Sender: Li, Lin
Li, Lin: The Chinese Communist Party New Democracy is a complete lie

李林(Li, Lin)
Communist Party and the Kuomintang during the early years of the world to compete in order to win public support and to deceive public opinion, throws a new-democratic political program, claiming that this program is the result of Marxism and the Chinese practice of combining the most suitable for China's national conditions, it is China will build a free and democratic, prosperous country only correct route.
In the new democratic political program, the CCP promised after the founding of New China, promised to give the peasants land, promised to intellectual freedom, promised to businessmen with the opportunity to develop, and even promised to give workers the right to lead the country, because New China will be based on working class leadership, based on the alliance of workers and peasants in the country.
However, the Chinese Communist Party came to power after the Group betray immediately recover the farmers' land, completely deprived of the intellectual freedom to nationalize the assets of business, as the leading class was given the title of the working class, even deprived of strike free, but also not allowed to organize their own unions.
New Democracy can be said that the history of China the biggest lie.

Li, Lin
March 13, 2016

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