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Li, Lin: Chinese officials morale
Date: 5/25/2016 5:06:33 PM Sender: Li, Lin
Li, Lin: Chinese officials morale

李林(Li, Lin)
With the slowdown in production growth in China, economic activity decreased, the CCP officialdom there flagging dead phenomenon.
Chinese officials generally slack, low morale, and even emerging suicides, when one day a monk clock hit one atmosphere pervades the entire bureaucracy, has been a serious threat to the Chinese authorities, "Chinese Dream" can be realized.
The root cause of decline in the morale of party officials, the authorities wantonly rectification and iron-fisted rule corruption, bureaucracy to bring unprecedented tremendous pressure to have money to bribe working hard to stimulate the utility exists.
Apply the CCP's words, "some cadres do not accept the gift, do not eat rice, red nor took, but the right thing is not done, the management is not managed." CCP carried out a massive anti-corruption campaign in the hope that the team officials stopped the unhealthy trends, the people for corrupt officials to ease the growing discontent, save the crumbling dictatorship.
But corruption was widespread sabotage of CPC cadres, leading to a crisis management regime is really shooting itself in the foot.

Li, Lin
May 25, 2016

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