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Li, Lin: civil service exam in China is going through the motions
Date: 8/1/2016 3:13:06 PM Sender: Li, Lin
Li, Lin: civil service exam in China is going through the motions

李林(Li, Lin)
Chinese mainland to promote its reform of the civil service recruitment system, to take public examinations, strict inspection, equal competition, merit approach, hiring party and government enterprises and institutions of grassroots cadres.
Each will be published before the exam recruitment notice, published jobs and test content, etc., call qualified young candidates to go.
But it was discovered later that the civil service exam, most of them are a hoax.
Default candidates for each position already, the examination is a form of one-off games that go outside.
Test results, no matter how, if there is no inside or background, but also had not "political investigation" is off.
Through study of the leading cadres are their children relatives.
So, now the Communist party and government organs, especially the grassroots units, almost all civil servants led by relatives, outsiders simply do not get.
No wonder people say that the CCP's corrupt officials, the name of the civil service open recruitment guise, is actually hereditary position cronyism, playing to deceive a large number of outstanding young aspiring candidates, in fact, the civil service exam in China is going through the motions.

Li, Lin
August 1, 2016

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