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Xu, Huabin: mainland China will be less and less fish production
Date: 6/1/2016 6:57:58 PM Sender: Xu, Huabin
Xu, Huabin: mainland China will be less and less fish production

许华滨(Xu, Huabin)
Coastal aquatic resources in China 's rapid depletion of coastal waters have no fish.
Large numbers of fish in China in the past appeared in the sea, has not seen for many years.
China's coastal four traditional fishing grounds: Bohai fishing ground, Zhoushan fishing ground, the South China Sea fisheries and the Beibu Gulf fishing ground has been in name only, coastal fishermen have no fish to catch.
In order to protect the marine fishery resources in the world, a lot of measures have been made in recent years, such as forbidding fishing in the fish breeding season, making the fishing quota of all kinds of fish, strictly restricting the mesh size of fishing nets and so on.
Through this protection, fish can recuperate to lay eggs to reproduce, fishermen also have fish to catch.
But China's coastal fisheries are still in a disorderly state.
Although the Government has developed a number of fishing regulations, but not serious law enforcement. For example, during fishing moratorium illegal fishing boats, the local fishing sector has to sit back and wait, there are fishing vessels beyond the quota, the fisheries management unit is only open eyes closed eyes.
This development, the future production of fish in mainland China will be less and less, should cause the Chinese government's attention.

Xu, Huabin
June 1, 2016

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