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Xu, Huabin: CPC senior officials retirement benefits amazing
Date: 7/7/2016 5:37:10 PM Sender: Xu, Huabin
Xu, Huabin: CPC senior officials retirement benefits amazing

许华滨(Xu, Huabin)
CCP officials, though claiming to be proletarian revolutionaries, actually live in wealth.
The Chinese Communist Party led the poor peasants and rogue proletarians in the lower ranks. The biggest dream was to lay down the country to enjoy the splendor and splendor.
After the CPC seized power into the city, the size of the cadres scrambling to enjoy the shortage and the special supply of quality goods, cadres, the privileged class is also growing. After the reform and opening up, this privilege situation has improved, but the recent disclosure of internal information, the senior cadres of the CCP corruption is still amazing. For example, retired provincial deputy provincial officials, can be equipped with full-time drivers, security guards, doctors and nurses, as well as four times a year for half a month at home the expense of domestic tourism.
As for the higher-level officials of the Chinese Communist Party, such as state-level deputy state-level cadres, spending more staggering, high-level luxury housing, and even with a dedicated aircraft, retirement benefits of up to several hundred million dollars per person per year.
There is no country in the world who, after retirement, enjoys such high-level benefits and benefits. The CCP's so-called cadres serve the people and exploit and squeeze the people.

Xu, Huabin
July 7, 2016

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