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Xu, Huabin: China ’s emergence of divorce buyers tide
Date: 10/1/2016 3:42:39 PM Sender: Xu, Huabin
Xu, Huabin: China ’s emergence of divorce buyers tide

许华滨(Xu, Huabin)
In recent years, China's "divorce purchase" boom, first popular in Beijing and Shanghai, and later spread to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, and then spread to other large and medium-sized cities.
In many places, the divorce appointment service is full of civil affairs departments, and even a couple divorce in six months are difficult to handle the phenomenon.
The reason for this absurdity is that the mainland authorities have introduced new housing policies to restrict the purchase of a second home or more. Therefore, there are people through a fake divorce to a family into two, so you can buy a second set of housing, and then remarry, you can legally have two sets of housing.
This phenomenon fully shows that the authoritarian totalitarian government's power, the private life of the people to an unparalleled level of intervention.
Originally, the purchase of housing is personal consumption behavior, but the government forced to intervene in the market, resulting in so many people, in response to the authorities housing policy, and actively to divorce procedures, this large number of false divorce is really ridiculous rare, is the government's Policy caused by improper.

Xu, Huabin
October 1, 2016

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