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Xu, Huabin: CCP officials are hypocrites
Date: 10/13/2016 4:44:52 PM Sender: Xu, Huabin
Xu, Huabin: CCP officials are hypocrites

许华滨(Xu, Huabin)
The political leaders of the advanced democracies of the West regard governance as their purpose and theme. The goal of governance is how to realize the country's economic development, social harmony, scientific and technological progress and military power.
They rarely act as moral leaders, but rarely come forward to teach people how to behave, how self-cultivation to become the perfect person.
Dictators of the authoritarian state, while in the political power, but also willing to act as moral leaders, education, the following people how to enhance the level of moral quality.
For example, Mao, Zedong once taught the Chinese people: to be a noble person, a pure man, a moral person, a low interest from the people. In fact, Mao, Zedong himself, has always been shameless low-level indecent, vent sexual desire to play with women, where there is nothing noble and pure from the low-level fun, is completely out of the ordinary.
Officials at all levels of the Chinese Communist Party are also hypocrites who are peculiarly deceitful in the face. They are all because their power is not subject to any supervision and restraint, resulting in the officials saying that they should do one thing.
Therefore, the realization of democratic China is very urgent.

Xu, Huabin
October 13, 2016

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