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Wang, Ting: The CCP still uses the “political trial” to control the people
Date: 9/2/2016 5:27:13 PM Sender: Wang, Ting
Wang, Ting: The CCP still uses the “political trial” to control the people

王婷(Wang, Ting)
After the CCP took power, it implemented a lot of systems to monitor the people, such as the hukou system, the archives system, the political censorship system and so on.
One of the political censorship is that everyone in the army recruitment, transfer promotion, or join the party, by the higher units to review to see if the history of innocence and political reliability, and then make a decision to approve or disapprove.
After the Cultural Revolution, although the Communist Party of China loosened its control over society, political censorship was still an important means of administering the people, especially when recruiting civil servants for the society or high-tech colleges for national defense. The organization is responsible for conducting a political review and drawing conclusions on whether to admit or not.
At present, the Chinese authorities have stipulated in the political trial that those who oppose the four basic principles and deeds and advocate the universal values of democracy, freedom and human rights can not maintain a high degree of disagreement with the Party Central Committee. They are unqualified in the political trial, can not serve as civil servants or enter national defense Institutions of learning.
This shows that this system of political trial, in fact, is a political persecution, completely contrary to the current trend of world democracy.

Wang, Ting
September 2, 2016

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