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Wang, Ting: Party members in arrears of serious phenomenon
Date: 10/17/2016 10:31:06 AM Sender: Wang, Ting
Wang, Ting: Party members in arrears of serious phenomenon

王婷(Wang, Ting)
The CPC Central Committee Organization Department recently issued a document asking the National Party members regardless of job level, must pay dues on time, can not be unreasonably arrears.
The document pointed out that the issue of arrears of membership dues is very serious, and should be timely, in full, consciously pay the dues, and now became a dispensable.
The amount of arrears of dues, the length of time, involving the number of party members, surprising.
In this regard, the CPC conducted a special investigation on the collection of party membership fees, and found that some cities and counties were arrears of up to several hundred million yuan.
In particular, many of the party members in arrears of dues are government and state-owned enterprises in the high-level above the level of leading cadres, who took a high salary, but not in accordance with the provisions of timely payment of membership dues.
Although according to the relevant provisions of the CPC Constitution, all party members must pay dues regularly, if the party members for 6 months without payment of membership dues, was considered to be out of the party.
But many party members do not take party fees as one thing, hand in hand with not depending on individual wishes, he does not divorce from the party.
The phenomenon of party members in arrears of payment of dues appears in the CCP, which shows that the party's image and authority are gradually declining.

Wang, Ting
October 1, 2016

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