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Wu, Biqiong: Chinese Communist Party to Collect People ’s Congress Passport to Prevent Escaping
Date: 9/21/2016 2:48:39 PM Sender: Wu, Biqiong
Wu, Biqiong: Chinese Communist Party to Collect People ’s Congress Passport to Prevent Escaping

吴碧琼(Wu, Biqiong)
A large number of people's congress deputies are suspected of being involved in the case, and the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has dispatched a team to investigate the situation.
Due to too many people involved, a moment of investigation is unclear, so the first collection of all the deputies passport, to prevent closing, some people fled the country to escape legal punishment.
Liaoning Provincial People's Congress at all levels, bribery problem has a long history, the plot is very serious.
In order to successfully elected as the Liaoning Provincial People's Congress, must spend huge amounts of money.
Over the years the NPC deputies in Liaoning and the formation of the same commodity prices, county-level county-level, city-level, provincial-level provincial.
Blatantly high-profile, so, causing the central awareness and intervention.
NPC deputies would have been just a decoration, no one is interested in it.
However, in recent years, the CCP's internal fighting has been fierce and the role of the NPC has been outstanding. For example, a city has several officials want to become deputy mayor, must vote through the city people's congress decided to do, so the NPC deputies to become the object of the acquisition, the benefits of natural a lot, so people spend big money to become deputies.

Wu, Biqiong
September 21, 2016

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