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Han, Xiaolan:The loss of traditional culture
Date: 3/15/2016 5:36:14 PM Sender: Han, Xiaolan
Han, Xiaolan:The loss of traditional culture
韩晓岚(Han, Xiaolan)
The Chinese are now economically rich, but they are not ashamed of their etiquette.
In recent years, it has been reported that Chinese tourists from all over the world have left bad images, eager to steal things cheaply, throwing garbage at random, painting loudly, spitting in lines, spitting everywhere, running red lights, etc. Reproach, corrupt the image of the country, the impact is very bad.
Many countries have taken strict precautions against Chinese tourists, and posted special notices in Chinese to clearly warn against the ban, with strong discrimination.
China was originally a big country with ancient civilizations. However, since the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party's regime, the world has become unpopular, and the degree of civilization has dropped sharply, and it has almost become a laughing stock for the international community.
The construction of civilization promoted by the Chinese Communist Party is based on the gains and losses of individual interests, so that people now look at money and everything for their benefit. There is no traditional virtue of gentleness, respect, and humility, and people now have no heart for shame.
I hope China can realize democracy and inherit the tradition of Chinese civilization!

Han, Xiaolan
March 15, 2016

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