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Han, Xiaolan:When will China achieve economic liberalization
Date: 6/6/2016 6:37:58 PM Sender: Han, Xiaolan
Han, Xiaolan:When will China achieve economic liberalization
韩晓岚(Han, Xiaolan)
The Chinese government has repeatedly declared that China has achieved free trade and economic liberalization.
In fact, in China today, all strategic materials, including energy and finance, are the economic lifeline industries that are monopolized by the “state-owned” dignitaries. The superstructure fields such as telecommunications, media, and publishing are all handled by the government. Domestic investment is also not allowed.
China has no real market economy so far. If the free trade zone is to dominate the market, conflicts between internal and external systems will inevitably be formed. This is unprecedented in the world.
The FTZ is not aimed at innovating the system and mechanism in response to these contradictions, but it is still invariably dominated by the chief's will. Especially in the FTZ, there is still a lack of special courts that are independent of the local party and government and the democratic society. Laws and regulations that are in line with the requirements must be aware that it is a system guarantee for the effective operation of financial supervision and a prerequisite for the healthy development of China's financial market.
Because these must involve the fundamental interests of officials and officials, they endanger and shake the one-party dictatorship.
Only the end of the one-party dictatorship can truly achieve economic freedom!

Han, Xiaolan
June 6, 2016

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