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Han, Xiaolan: There is a gap between China’s constitution and actual practice
Date: 6/14/2018 1:59:21 PM Sender: Han, Xiaolan
Han, Xiaolan: There is a gap between China’s constitution and actual practice
韩晓岚(Han, Xiaolan)
Since the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Party has always dismissed the basic values of modern human society, such as freedom, democracy, and human rights. It believes that it is a set of hypocrisy in the bourgeoisie, which only benefits the rich and not the proletariat.
After the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, the so-called "democratic centralism" of Marxism-Leninism was implemented, and the people exercised dictatorship.
However, in China's constitution and laws, the content of freedom, democracy, and human rights is included in the important stripes. It also claims that national sovereignty belongs to the people, and the people have freedom of speech, religion, association, publication, assembly, and demonstration. The people have the right to vote and to be elected.
Such written expressions are no different from the constitutions of most countries in the world.
This shows that the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party actually know that freedom, democracy and human rights are the mainstream of world development and the general trend of human society. Although the Chinese Communist Party screams at its own people, it does not dare to openly violate the basic values of the international community. Against the Charter of the United Nations, therefore, I had to write what I did not like in the Constitution against my heart.
This approach is really a bit of a conspiracy. There is a big gap between China's constitution and laws and actual practice.

Han, Xiaolan
June 14, 2018

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